Leo Loves New York


We took the baby to New York. This meant lots of new things like planes and hotels and daycares. (some cool hotel features)

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We’ve never left Leo with a babysitter except his grandparents and his aunt each one time for dinner. But since we were taking the baby to New York we thought we might as well jump right in and we plopped the kid in day care so we could enjoy the days with no baby around. In my case that meant going to work and for Caleb that meant seeing friends and the Richard Serra exhibit at the Moma. Apparently this was a life changing exhibit. Caleb thinks there is something wrong with me to have decided to spend Saturday at my college reunion rather than at the museum.

You may ask what is wrong with us to abandon the kid for his first day care in such a big cold city but basically we found that Leo loves the day care workers just as much as he loves us. Caleb went to visit for lunch and could barely grab the baby’s attention. One day, however, Caleb said to me, “the day care is good but i think they let him chew on a black pen. He’s got black stuff on the corner of his mouth”. Looking a little closer it seemed like it was a bruise. Leo seems to think that his mouth is just as much of a weight bearing limb as his arms when pulling up to a standing position we imagined that he must have been using his mouth to balance on and then fallen. Of course, we could always think the worst of the daycare, maybe Nicole who seemed so nice popped him one right in the kisser, but that is really hard to imagine when it seems like such a nice place and the folks there so on the ball. Anyway the bruise was gone within a day, and Leo didn’t cry when he showed up the next day, so we’ll go with harmless accident. Anyway our Dr. says we will need to start getting used to many more bumps and bruises.

We stayed in midtown on the east side and walked many places. One thing about midtown is it is probably the least pleasant place in the city, all businesses or tourists, making it a bit of a rip off. One day Caleb went out to buy a 6-pack of Heineken, which cost perhaps more than double its expected price at $15. Fifteen dollars for a six pack of beer , you say, you guys must be suckers. Well it’s worse than that. When we got back to the hotel it turned out one of the beers had already been drunk and the cap just smooshed back on so it was really $15 of a 5-pack.


Basically, it was just really wonderful being back in the city. We saw lots of friends. Walked around in the muggy new york summer nights which we love so much because you don’t have to wear a sweater when the sun goes down. Leo played in central park and on the lawn in front of the math building at Columbia. We had a little math class reunion with Shani, Cherith and Professor Friedman. Leo met Maya, Shani’s daughter, and like with all little kid’s Leo liked to grab on Maya’s face. Then just as all parents do we discussed our children’s percentiles. The doctor told Shani that it was normal that her daughter was in the 20th percentile for weight, but since this was a *math* class reunion we all laughed about how that couldn’t be true. Those silly doctors. Anyway, you’ve all been missing my breast pump digests, and so here we are again. Shani tells me that she doesn’t pump anymore and feeds Maya only formula during the day. And so now, I, too, have quit pumping. After all Shani did it. Who am I kidding anyway. I used to strap my breastpump to my bicycle every morning and then never use it but then feel really guilty. But now I don’t even strap it on and I feel free as the wind when I head off in the morning.

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It was fun to see Professor Friedman too who could now talk to Cherith about their shared work in the New York City public schools.

I would say more on our wonderful visits with friends but I’m long winded tonight and a picture is worth a thousand words. Next stop on the blog is Boston.

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