Kung Fu FIghting

Were all tired out from a long weekend. We’ve just finished a healthy dinner of fried hotdogs and left over pupusas. Here is some dinnertime conversation about our day and from where each kid has inherited their talents.

Me: Leo, what did you do with your friend in the park today?
Leo: Mostly we played on the really fun twisty slide.
Lucy: Well I told you to go on the slide because you were too scared.
Dad: Well I gave you the genes to give you the courage to do things like that Lucy and Leo’s mom gave him the cautious genes.
Lucy: You DID NOT give me any jeans. Neither of you gave me ANY jeans.

In truth, Leo is not that cautious. Nor am I. Come on. But Leo is sensitive not to hurt other people’s feelings. For example, he did something nice the other day, I can’t remember what, and when I asked him where he got his nice side from in perhaps a leading fashion …

Me: Leo, you are so nice. Where did you inherit this from? Me?
Leo responded in a very characteristically nice way.
Leo: I got it from everybody.

In other news, we now move on to the title of the post, Kung Fu. The kids got their red/yellow belts in Kung Fu last night. We are new to martial arts and I had never heard of this half step belt before. Before yesterday they were yellow belts. Now they are halfway to red belts with red/yellow belts. I’m not sure if it is a real thing outside this studio or a way for the studio to earn an extra $80 for the cost of a test but it was a proud moment for us, nonetheless.

It was the first belt test at the big studio over in Sunnyvale. The way it worked is about 30 kids sit in one corner. Each got called in front of 3 judges to do their moves while a bunch of parents watched. All with some light pop music playing in the background. The humor was not lost on me when the first kid went out there and in the background you hear the lovely melody from the 1970s “… oh-hoh-hoh-hoh … well they were Kung Fu fighting … fast as lighting …

Leo takes Kung Fu very seriously and practices every day. He told us he was nervous in advance. But then he went out there and just nailed it.

2015-05-30 19.16.50

Lucy also did great but she has a much more happy go lucky approach to life. Didn’t seem nervous. Also not phazed by any mess ups.

2015-05-30 19.19.42 (1)

In both cases it was neat because they had worked hard and then had a nice achievement. I thought it would be great fun to go out to ice cream after Kung Fu but everyone else just wanted to go to bed. We planned to go out for ice cream instead today but then went to a birthday party and have now each had at least four desserts so I think the ice cream is on hold.

Life goes on in the areas of trying to raise healthy, happy, children. We have been exercising together as a family. Caleb has been doing the 7 minute workout with the kids. Sometimes Lucy also likes to set up with me when I do push-ups and sit-ups. When Lucy was doing her push-ups the other day I suggested that she bend her arms more and try to get her nose to the ground like I do. But Lucy explained me: “well that is easier for you because your nose is bigger than mine.”

I respectfully disagree that that is why push-ups are easier for me. I have never heard of large noses as a push up advantage. Lucy is totally discounting all the practice I have been putting in.

The kids have also been talking about crushes recently. Leo is frustrated because Kirby said he had a crush on Annapurna and Annapurna said she had a crush on Kirby and that makes playing together as a threesome less fun.

“Wha-ut?” Lucy responds “Ewan and I have a crush on each other.”
“No you don’t”, Caleb and I explain, “you’re just good friends.”
“Well, we don’t annoy each other that much. So that means we have a crush on each other,” Lucy explains.
Maybe that 6 year old has a point. Not-annoying-each-other-too-much makes the world go round.

Love is in the air. Lucy’s piano teacher recently got engaged. “Mom, Mom, come here!” Lucy shouts during her piano lesson. When I go over to where Lucy and her teacher are sitting, Lucy says “I want to compare your rings.”

Well, we were all thinking it right?

At this advanced age I am actually not thinking such things but I wonder how Lucy knew the worst thing you are to say to a newly engaged woman? After the side by side I explained to Lucy that she probably should not do that. It didn’t really make sense to her. Why not?

Since I’m tired, I’ll end now with a picture from last week’s tiring weekend. That is Lucy smashing wasp eggs in an oak gall. (You can read more on the entomology here). She feels bad for the wasps. Not so bad, I don’t think.

2015-05-24 12.51.35 HDR

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