Spring Party

On Saturday we accidentally hosted a spring party that did not raise money for a bunny.

Huh? Here’s how:

The other day Lucy came home from school* and told us that she and Kaya were having a spring party to raise funds for Kaya’s bunny. So I asked, “Does Kaya have a bunny?” “No, Kaya needs to raise money so she can get a bunny,” Lucy explained. Since I’m not Kaya’s mom, and I do not have to take care of the bunny, this seemed like a great idea, so we got straight to helping Kaya raise her funds.

Obviously I’m just kidding.

But it did seem that somebody got straight to work, because in our inbox was an email to all the parents from Lucy’s teachers saying some kids were organizing a spring party and it was this Saturday at 11:00 at Mitchell Park. The specificity sure made it sound like we were on the hook for organizing this spring party.

Like a good organizer I checked in with with Kaya’s mom. Did she know about the bunny? “Yes”. Was the party for the bunny? “No, Kaya is doing chores for the bunny”. Was she planning the party? “Let’s do potluck”. So all my organizing was done. I figured I’d pick something up on the way.

Saturday comes along and 30 minutes before the party Lucy says, “we have to pick the oranges. I promised to bring orange juice to the party to raise money for the bunny”. Now if you don’t live in California picking oranges from the tree in your yard and making orange juice is actually not such a crazy idea. Making it 10 minutes before a potluck is no so realistic. So we decided to buy some orange juice along the way.

We arrived at the park and it was quite a bit chillier than I would have liked for a spring party but there was a new playground in the park so actually no organizing was required. The kids played in the playground. The parents shivered around the potluck. A former teacher of Leo and Lucy’s came. A lovely time was had by all. Here is a picture of everyone near the party sign.

And that is the story of the accidental spring party that did not raise money for a bunny.

* “School” refers to Wildchild Free School, the Nature program the kids attend
** “Teacher” means “Guide”, the person of authority at Wild Child Free School.

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