Fun in the summer

Caleb recently received his diploma in the mail. He is officially done with school.

Caleb is really excited about a mysterious sentence in his diploma which states he is a master of science “with all the rights and privileges thereto pertaining.” We are waiting to see what rights and privileges these are.

It is really cool that Caleb is out of school and even this past year we have spent much more time together on the weekends. And we are having a grand old time. This weekend we have been out on a few adventures. On long drives the kids like to read comic books just like their daddy.

Yesterday we went to pick olallieberries. I bet you never heard of an olallieberry but they are for real – kind of like blackberries only a little worse tasting and with a way cooler name. Check out our score.

Here is the daddy walking around with our berry bucket he claims to be showing off the modeling training he got in his youth.

After we went berry picking we went to butano redwoods park and I got to see my first ever banana slug! I was so excited b/c I have never seen one before. You can tell by the kids hands how big the sucker is.

And if yesterday’s adventures were not enough we headed out to the wilderness again today. This time uncle David came with us. Today we spent the day playing in a creek in Alum Rock park.

We romped around for a couple hours. Leo climbed to dangerous heights.

Lucy caught tadpoles.

Leo got stung by a stinging nettle.

We saw fishies swimming in the still parts of the stream.

We saw water walkers.

We got our shoes wet by mistake.

We found a blue jay feather.

We threw rocks and made big splashes.

We saw a huge red dragon fly.

Then we sat down to rest and a forest ranger came by and told us we were not supposed to be playing by the stream and to get away. We were pretty relieved that we had already had so much fun. He didn’t give us a ticket or anything … but his parting words to Caleb were, “and you are sitting in a poison oak bush.”

We’ve come home and washed up with soap and water but I’ve just read that it takes 8 or more hours for the poison oak rash to show up so now we are just sitting around watching Bambi and hoping the itching wont start!

3 Replies to “Fun in the summer”

  1. Congrats to Caleb! I think Ryan’s diploma says something similar. We are also still waiting to see what it means. :) Your kids are so adorable! I also love seeing them scrambling around outside. I feel like so few kids are truly outside these days.

  2. If they are anything like blackberries, I’m sure I would like them a lot. If fact, I just checked them out and found that they are one of a number of crosses/hybrids between the blackberry and a variety of other berries. In Oregon they are called Marionberries, and that is the ingredient of one of my favorite pies. Grandma Erica doesn’t like them because of the seeds. She prefers blueberries, which is why we are starting a blueberry patch in our back yard in a new raised bed garden that I just built and filled with soil that blueberries thrive in.

  3. CONGRATS Caleb!! YAY.

    I love that you folks are getting outside and enjoying nature and exploring the world with the kids. So wonderful Dave could join you. Hope you got everything adequately washed off!

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