Butano camping

This weekend we all headed out on a camping trip with our wonderful friends, the Reiners, who decided to invite us along to share their spot at Butano State Park. Leo brought his buddy Jovan, so there’d be another 9ish year old. I picked Aaron up at a GPS location halfway between our jobs and then we drove down and met our families who were already vacationing at the spot.

The kids have grown up a lot since the last camping. Leo and Jovan set up their own tent.


Then they sat around enjoying nature, or at least playing Pokemon on their DS out in the nature. Pikachu came and paid them a visit.

 Oh wait, that is not Pikachu, it’s a banana slug!

I was thinking about how much has changed since the last time we came to Butano State Park back in 2012. At that point in time our children were not yet Wild Children, I had never even seen a banana slug, we didn’t know what poison oak looked like, and we didn’t even know not to hug a stinging nettle.

Today we would never hug a stinging nettle. We can even tell other families what plant is poison oak. (Actually we learned a new rhyme – “if it’s hairy, it’s a berry” — this is to help where “leaves of three, let it be” left off). And our children even know how to set up and make their own camp fires. It’s pretty cool.

Day two we hiked down to the creek to play. Just like they say in the cartoons, the four boys picked a stick to fight over. Only one like that here in this forest. Me and Danielle had a good chuckle when we sent Aaron over to break it up.


Back at the campsite the little kids had story time and all the kids went out and got wood for the fire.


It was a night of hotdogs. Jovan really liked the hotdogs so when he was on to his third he explained to us that he was going to stop at three because he only wanted to get a little bit of cancer.

I learned a camping trick beyond the hairy berry rhyme. That is if you boil your water and put it in your dishes bin it is not so bad to be in charge of the dishes. I’m gonna keep this one in my back pocket.

When it was time to go, I didn’t know where Lucy and Ewan were. They had gone missing. Wait, they weren’t missing, they were just hiding in the trees. What a cool campsite to be able to hide out in the trees. Thanks Danielle and Aaron for bringing us along.