Easter Blog

Ken visited for Easter and took some lovely pictures. So now that it is a few weeks later, it is time to memorialize the event.

Leo and I spent some time talking about holidays. Leo suggested that there are 10 holidays in the US. I’m not sure where he got that number so I asked him what holidays he could name. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter. Woman’s day. The anniversary of the Eiffel tower being built.

Well that was an interesting list. I think Leo’s idea of holiday’s may be unduly influenced by the Google doodles that he sees.

Usually we do not do much for Easter and this year we were not invited to any Easter egg hunts so Lucy encouraged me to make one for the family which I did with great skill.

In the past we’ve had friends work really hard to make kids have the exact same number of eggs and create fairness. Becca, would for example, label each egg with an initial so that the kids got the same amount and an age appropriate loot. I was not sure how to approach this part of the hunt or if it mattered. But then I had the great idea. The kind of idea that deserves a lot of pinterest repins. My idea was to have each kid fill up an egg carton and then stop. 12 eggs each. I was quite impressed with my idea and am still so much so that I had to write about it and post here for the world to see. I tried to encourage Caleb to say how impressed he was with idea and while he had little to say about the egg cartons, he agreed that I, indeed, was very impressed with myself.

But kids do think about these egg comparisons. For example we learned from Lucy that Kaya only gets about 5 eggs each year as a result of her cousins being better at finding eggs than her. This was a very important fact to Lucy who decided to save one of her eggs for Kaya as a result. We saw a generous side in both of our kids. Leo quietly saved eggs for four of his friends with candies he thought they’d like and brought them to “school” on Monday.

While I was busy being so proud of Lucy and her generosity she decided to point out my selfishness.
Lucy, while poking through my wallet: Mom, can I have a quarter?
Me: No.
Lucy: Why do you love money more than us kids?
Me: What?!?! Why would you say that Lucy?
Lucy: Well we were at the store and I wanted a toy and you would not buy it for me.

Well there you go.

Here is a picture of Lucy clearly making one of her favorite expressions. “What … “ followed by some obvious explanation of the situation. Like:

“What? … I love edamame”

“What? … you’d be mad too if you grew too big for your favorite shirt”. Well yes. This has even happened to me at an age where it is more upsetting than than I am sure it is for you now.

or when spanking her little four year old friend’s bottom …
“What? … I’m the queen and he’s my loyal subject”

And here is the family in its Easter finest.

All pictures were taken by Grandpa Ken so there are none of him. Next time you’ll have to take a selfie Grandpa!