Catching you back up

It’s been a while since we last spoke. And I’m headed to NY so I thought I could use the plane flight looking back over my weekend as an excuse to catch you all back up with the kids.

As I look back over this morning, it highlights how self-aware the two are becoming.

Me and the kids got up early to let Caleb get some beauty rest. No matter what I did, asking, gentle reminding, yelling. Nothing could quiet the kids down to let their daddy sleep. But then Leo explained it to me and it all made sense. “Mom, there is nothing I can do. I just don’t know how to be quiet.”

Hmm …

Lucy is turning out to be quite aware of herself. I was preparing her for a sleepover she is heading out on.

Me: Lucy, now when you go to Ewan’s …
Lucy: Yeah, yeah, be good
Me: You need to listen to his parents
Lucy: Yeah, like I don’t listen to you

Uh, yeah, like you don’t listen to me.

Along with being self-aware, these kids are cute. I decided to take a portrait of them to look at on my trip.

There is Lucy. And right next to her is ratty. No picture is complete without ratty. Oh and that is her guitar that she dragged out of Rancho San Antonio park. And what’s Leo doing? Oh Leo has turned into miniman. Miniman is a version of Leo that jumps around in a squatting position. He appears when Leo is either around new people or just when Leo wants to be a pain in the butt to his parents. His parents try to explain to him that maybe if he didn’t jump around squat-legged he might not feel so awkward around new people, but it does not seem to help. Oh and what’s that pile of sticks behind the kids? Oh that is the branch that broke off the tree when Lucy was pretending to be Tarzan while I was asking her to quiet down and let her daddy sleep.

Did I mention that the kids love trees and love to climb trees? Lucy especially loves to climb the tree in the apartment building next door when I am not in sight. (Don’t worry, I’m probably just next door checking my facebook). This causes our neighbors to express a lot concern for Lucy and her safety in the tree. I tell her to tell them “my mom says it is OK”. Sometimes I remind her to put on her shoes before she goes. I hear this parenting style is called free range parenting.

Well here is Lucy in her natural habitat.

I’m actually justified to be so confident in Lucy’s tree-climbing skills. She has graduated from the Wild Child Free School of Tree Climbing. I’ll teach you what she has learned it case it comes in handy. It really seems to work.

How to be safe climbing trees: Keep three points of contact (i.e. two arms and a leg, or two legs and an arm) at all times, and only walk on branches wider than your wrist.

Now over to Leo who also loves to climb trees. Another thing he loves to do is to make faces at the camera and say “can I see?” So here is in a tree making faces at me.

Here is another one of those but without the tree.

There is a cute story about the shoes in this picture. Leo and I were out shopping for shoes to wear to a wedding and I came across a pair that I thought Leo’s daddy would like. Then we looked at them and it looks like Air Walk thought so as well. Check out their name! (lower left)

I’m rambling but there is still so much to catch you up on with the kiddos. Grandpa Ken has handed us down a piano. Leo is really digging it and learning to play. It is so cool to watch him spending his time trying to figure it out. It is also one of the first things he is doing that I have no idea how to do. So it is just neat to see. He has the chords going with his left hands and the melodies with his right … I don’t really know what I am talking about but he makes the minuet in G sound so much nicer than it ever did on my violin. E 32123 screech screech. (ah suzuki). I think Leo may even be learning to read music better than I did.

Lucy is learning to read (words not music, in case I confused you). She can read little stories from her phonics book but I can’t convince her to read me Hop on Pop yet.

And Caleb has got both kids trying out Kung Fu. They have received their white belts.

Now that they are into Kung Fu Lucy walks around the house talking about Bruce Lee, a “real famous Kung Foo fighter”. And even convinced Caleb to bring home a version of Muscle and Fitness that was featuring Bruce Lee.

So that about sums it up. The kids are doing great: self-aware, courageous, musical, smart and athletic. What more could a mom ask for.

I miss you guys!!!