Part way through our Maine vacation

Well I wrote this when we were part-way through the Maine vacation … and I’m just now trying to figure out how to post it!

There was so much great fun in Maine and I had big plans to turn it into a wonderful story. I was talking to another mom today about perfectionism. I was proudly explaining to her about how I wasn’t remotely a perfectionist and was confidently half-assing things all the time. This blog post proves my point. Here is the half written post from half-way through the vacation!

Here we are, partly through our lovely vacation in Maine.

Just like every vacation, Grandpa Mike wanted to make sure we got to go fishing. Usually he waits until the end of the vacation and gets frustrated that we did not fish, so this time we got started early and our first morning here I woke Leo up at 5:45 and we headed to the boat. I assured Leo it would be worth it, and it was.

Here are the sisters getting ready to fish. (Why are they sideways? It must have to do with the earlier explanation of the unfinished post).

We went out on something called a tidal river. There was an eagle soaring overhead, seals lounging on islands, and all in all it was quite peaceful.

Leo was a champ figuring out how to cast and reel in his line but he did not catch any fish. No matter. At least he caught some seaweed! Here is my happy son with the biggest seaweed catch of the day:

Grandpa caught a striper! Here is Grandpa with his 19.5 inch striper.

19.5 inches means throw it back. It has to be 20 inches to keep!!! Bummer!

And here is Matt with his catfish. We wish Matt threw that fish back. It took hours of cleaning and then figuring out how to cook it, it seems like all of us, least of all the catfish, wish that it had had a chance to return to the sea.

While were all out fishing, the girl cousins were all adventuring around our vacation home with Grandma. Later that day Lucy was excitedly telling her daddy what she had done. “I found an animal skin. Then I found another animal skin!” Whoa, I had no idea Maine hunters would be leaving skins out at the rental property. Oh wait, here are the animals:

Bug skins. Yes, Lucy continues to be fascinated with bugs. She spent much of our swimming time with a bucket near the edge of the lake catching different swimming bugs.

Last year I wrote about how Lucy wanted to do everything that Vanessa did. This year they are learning from each other. Vanessa is learning to sleep in her undies. Lucy is learning to eat hot-dogs at every meal.

We have been trying to make sure that the girls play nicely with each other. I overheard this between Vanessa and Lucy. Vanessa is running around with a toy gun saying “pow pow pow.” Lucy tries to take the gun from her and is saying “you can’t play with the gun.” So I butted in and said, Lucy you have to share. Lucy says “But I’m the mom in the game and she’s the kid and that is a gun with real bullets!” OK that makes sense. Good mothering Lucy!

With all these extra adults around I’ve had some time to myself. I got to go running out in a nature preserve yesterday. I took my mom’s prius to get there … and when I got back from my run I found out that something else had been running too. That’s right, that weird car can keep on running even if you take the keys on a five mile run away! Thankfully, no one stole the car, and so only some gas was wasted. And it was a prius and that means only half the gas was wasted. Phew! And my mom even let me take it out again.

Today we got to experience another first for my family. We went to the movies with grandpa and we arrived on time! This may be the first time grandpa has ever been to a movie on time in his life. To celebrate he suggested that we head out to Friendly’s for dinner. I was hoping for something a little healthier but Dad insisted you could get something green at Friendly’s. Turns out he was right. Mint chocolate chip!

So that ends the earlier post … and as I already explained, I’m no perfectionist.

Because the post is only halfway done, this is why we are missing pictures of the lovely Sophia:

and stories of grandma the math teacher with her slimmed down hubbie:

or stories of Leo swimming with grandpa:

or the creation of the dragon book:

or me taking the kids in the canoe to see fish jumping out of the water to catch bugs. Nature appreciation that can only be made better with a continual story from Leo about what he is creating in minecraft back at home.

It was a wonder weekend with cousins and aunties and grandparents. We miss everyone already.