Down the cape

Our family vacation on cape cod was filled with family, friendship, and nature all in all good fun.

Lucy was so happy to have her cousin there to play with. That is not to say that we were not all happy to have Vanessa there but Lucy was especially enamored of her cousin.

Everything Vanessa did, Lucy wanted to do.
Me: “Lucy, what do you want for lunch?”
Lucy: “What is Vanessa having? I want what Vanessa is having.”

I’m pretty sure Vanessa had some fun with Lucy too.

Even though we were in a popular vacation destination, it was abuzz with nature. At night the cicadas were wicked loud. I don’t know if I have heard anything like it before. On the first night, one of the poor critters flew into our house. By morning, it had had no leaves to munch on and so it was feeling kinda tired. Which made it really easy for 4 year old girls to pick it up out of the house and decide to play their own version of house with it. Here they are making a house for their bug. You can see the little guy way over there on the right.

Now, of course, that is a bit of an amateur version of what actually was happening in nature. When I just Googled cicada it is pretty clear that the green bug our girls were playing with was not a cicada — although I do not know what it was. But it is possible that the extreme noise in the evening was cicadas.

We had more family nature fun when we went to the Museum of Natural History mud flats tour. We saw hermit crabs, green grabs, fishes. Caleb and Leo even found a blood worm. We learned from another boy on the tour that the way to find a crab is to turn over a rock.

Here is Caleb pretending to be Lucy.

And some fun on the ride home.

And we even had more nature fun when we went fishing in the state park. We did not catch any fish but we did see a water snake jump out over the boat landing.

Lucy continued with her interest in creating animal habitats and made a home for the leftover worms, right behind Grandpa Mike.

Now most people think of the cape as a place to go swimming in the ocean. But we were actually near a little lake beach and so our kids after one visit to the ocean beach never wanted to go back. We spent the days swimming in Scargo Lake and the evenings drinking mudslides or playing ping pong in the cellar.

Turns out Grandpa Mike has a wicked crazy ping pong serve. It included some kind of crazy fake and spin and about a 60% rate of landing on the table. But when it landed, his opponents didn’t know what hit them. Grandma Erica even got in on the action and played too.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Here is Grandma, teaching Leo about mobius strips! He is looking quite enlightened.

And I just got grandma’s pictures in and I’m a little too tired to write much more. But here are some of my favorites.


Grandma with kids

Crazy Playing

Matt and Vanessa