For the longest time Lucy never really cared about her stuffed animals. She never named them and she didn’t care to sleep with them.

Then one day she started carrying her koala around dressing it in her clothes and calling it baby sister.

And then she bought a giraffe at a garage sale and named it “Elizabif.” Elizabeth, right Lucy? No, ElizaBIF. Then daddy started teasing her. “a lizard breath”.

Lucy – Aaa
Daddy — Aaa
Lucy — Lizza
Daddy — Lizard
Lucy — Bif!
Daddy — Breath

And so it goes.

Now it turns out that baby sister has a name too. Miranda. Except you can only say Miranda in Spanish. Mee-raan-dah. Which is really hard for anyone who doesn’t speak spanish to understand what Lucy is saying.

And now that we care about our stuffed animals so much, this is what bedtime looks like. Everyone needs to get their perfect spot so they can sleep. That is baby sister over there on the left in her crib. She is cuddling her monkey. And there is Elizabif the giraffe with her head on a pillow in the bed. Lucy can fit right in to the right of the teddy.

This is what that scene looks like when you add the kids to it.

End of an era

Today was Lisa’s last day in Northern California. Who is gonna babysit for you now? She asks. And we don’t know. Lisa also told us we may never get to go to a fancy dinner again, and again, we are a little scared it is true. Lisa has been up here with us since Leo was two. It was so nice to have an auntie near by. But we are also happy for Lisa to start her new life away from us.

Here is Lisa taking the kids for a final swing.

And here is Lisa with her new boyfriend, Patrick. We liked him and thought he was pretty cool. But I don’t have to tell you he is cool, you can tell he is cool from his cool haircut.

The only obvious problem with Patrick is that he is scared of snakes. We don’t like it when anyone comes to the house and tells Lucy that they are scared of snakes because she is a somewhat impressionable and repeats these kinds of things. And then what are the snakes gonna think when their mama Lucy says she is afraid of them.

Before we let Lisa leave we had to do one family picture of all of us together. Here we all are smiling. And why do the kids have such authentic smiles?

Well every other picture had at least one kid (not always the same kid) with a finger in it’s nose. Now the kids seem pretty proud of what they have found on their fingers.