Sweet kids

Mommy: Leo are you so excited to go to New York and see the statue of liberty?
Leo: Super.
Mommy: Leo are you so excited to ride the subway?
Leo: Super
Mommy: are you so excited to meet mommy’s best friends?
Leo: If it makes you happy it makes me happy.

A little later

Mommy: Lucy, who do love more, mommy or daddy?
Lucy: Daddy. … Later, I’m gonna say mommy.

Just another Sunday afternoon with the Wright family …

… learning how to pick locks.

Lock picking is Caleb’s most recent project in stoking Leo’s curiosity about the world. Leo got through the challenge of two kinds of locks to pick and was pretty engaged. So it seemed to work. And anyway I have been hearing that college is a lot harder to get into these days, so maybe this skill will come in handy.

And while we were busy bolstering the kids IQs with lock picking lessons we totally forgot about the solar eclipse. What a missed opportunity to stoke some more curiosity!

But at least I know Leo is picking up on some things he doesn’t know about the world and also learning to outsmart his mom. We often have conversations that go something like this.
Me: blah blah blah … some lesson about the world
Leo: How do you know?
Me: I’m a mom. I know everything.

The other day our conversation took and interesting turn:
Leo: You don’t know everything, ya know?
Me: How do you know?
Leo: Because you don’t know why when you put water on a seed it grows.

He was right, I didn’t know that.

But here is something Leo doesn’t know. The Tri-state area is a real place. He has been watching Phineas and Ferb, a not so realistic cartoon, which is set in the tri-state area. So I mentioned that we would be going to New York City which is in the tri-state area and Leo said, “Mom, the tri-state area is not a real place.”

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Concerning the Construction of Bug Parks

Leo has been building a lot of stuff lately, and I wanted to post some pictures. These range over the last few months.

The earliest I have a picture for. It is a home for a ladybug.

Another roly-poly home. I think.

This one is in collaboration with Lucy, it is a roly-poly amusement park.

This is another amusement park, but for all bugs I think, not just roly-polys (polies?). Also a Leo/Lucy joint.

Leo hasn’t told me what this one is, but I think it is very cool. He redirected the flow of the fountain in our backyard using a big wad of paper towels and a pipe.

What does a baby slime say?


Caleb bought me a slime kit for mother’s day. So here are me and the kids making slime.

The best part of the kid was the little card with slime jokes on it. If you are lucky I’ll tell you another one.

Caleb is trying to teach the kids through these activities. Leo is very thoughtful and Caleb want to encourage his thinking through things. The slime kit had a description of the properties of slime. Caleb wanted to make sure Leo knew what a property was. That conversation went like this:

Caleb: A property is a characteristic that something has, like you have brown hair. Leo, can you think of a property of something? Like what is a property of mommy?
Leo: Mommy is smelly after she runs.
Caleb: That’s true and what is a property of Daddy?
Leo: Daddy likes wood.

Thanks a lot Leo.

Leo isn’t the only kid saying funny things. Only Lucy is a more outlandish than Leo. For example, Lucy has a couple bug bites on her belly. If you ask her about them and dare to call them bug bites she will say “NO, that is where the robot shooted me!” To this I replied, a robot shot you? “NO, SHOOTED me!”

Lucy has also reached the age of butt talk (a phase Leo also went through). We went out for pizza tonight and Lucy says to Leo “do you like my butt?” Leo gets hysterical. So Lucy can’t stop saying it. And Lucy likes to talk loudly so every couple minutes at dinner Lucy is shouting in the restaurant “DO YOU LIKE MY BUTT?” And Leo is laughing hysterically. My parenting strategy was to pretend these kids were not my own. But I’m not sure anyone fell for it since we were all sitting at the same table.

Here is the little stinker with her daddy:

But … the sun is shining and the last two weekends have been lovely. No amount of misbehaving children will bring us down.

We also had some lovely family time last weekend too. We drove out to a tidepool beach and met this little fellow in the parking lot:

I am trying to figure out what species this creature is. Here is what I have found out so far:

First, did you know that a groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing? The exact same thing. A woodchuck does not get it’s name from either how much wood it would chuck or how much wood it could chuck. It doesn’t even chuck wood (whatever chucking wood might even mean when you really thing about it). It gets its name from the Algonquian name for the animal, wuchak. Wah?

It also seems that groundhogs or, as I call them, woodchucks, don’t even live in California (according to wikipedia). Something called a California ground squirrel lives in California. However, our little friend from the parking lot looks much more like a groundhog (according to google image search) than like a California ground squirrel.

So I’m just not sure what he was. But he was one of many animals we saw last Sunday.

The beach was awesome. The kids spent their time there building an elaborate home for bugs. I’m not sure it was really user centric design. I didn’t see any bugs elbowing to get in. But Caleb and I thought it was pretty cool.

We saw seals in the distance. And then waited for the tide to go out so we could poke as many sea anemones as possible.

Ah … California livin’.

330 2 330!

Congratulations on finishing the Providence Marathon in 3:39 Sammy! My bro set out to lose some weight last year and he lost 90 lbs and then ran a marathon today in 3:39, which is 8:22 minute miles. It is pretty hard for me to run one mile that fast. Go Sammy!