Lucy the Performer

I asked Lucy to sing me some of her favorite songs for her grandparents. Her auntie Lisa taught her both of these.


John Jacob Jingleshmeimer Schmidt:

Leo on crying

Daddy: Leo I’m so proud that you did not cry when you did not get to be in my group in science class.
Leo: That is not something to cry about. You cry when there is a toy you really want and you are not old enough to buy it and your dad wont buy it for you.


While two happy children play in a field a nasty tick gets ready to jump on the photographer. I can’t believe this is my second tick bite this year! How did I get to be so yummy?

We are on vacation in sonoma and went for an awesome hike in the woods.

We saw three snakes.

No banana slugs. :-(

We could get grandpa to come along but he had a great week making himself at home with the kids.

Leprechauns and Lizard Lovers

Leo learned about Leprechauns at his school for Saint Patrick’s Day. Now every time Leo sees something shiny he picks it up to collect for the leprechaun. His pockets are filling up with shiny stuff he picks up. I’ve been teasing Leo telling him that he is the leprechaun since he is actually the one chasing down and constantly picking up shiny stuff. He doesn’t like it when I say this.

Mostly it seems to be chocolate wrappers that we are collecting. But here Leo is with some reflectors he took off a broken bike in the park.

And here is a full loot.

Leo also has made some pretty cool things. Check out this bow and arrow. There he is shooting a used coffee stirrer arrow, a pretty cool trick.

Leo loves leprechauns and Lucy loves lizards. You might remember and old post about baby Lucy and lizards. And Lucy still remains fearless. Leo found a lizard at Yahir’s birthday party this weekend and Lucy was the only kid that wanted to hold it. While Lucy was holding it, the lizard did what anyone would do when a huge blonde monster has it by the neck, it pooped! There was much excitement for all the kids at the party.

And here is Lucy with her little best friend all dressed up.

Of course there was Easter on this Easter weekend. There is something about a little girl with an Easter basket and pretty dress that seems so timeless.

Here are the kiddos together.

Yer mom’s better at math

Caleb: Who is better at math mommy or daddy?
Mommy: Mommy
Leo: NO! Yer mom is best at math!

If my mom were not a math teacher I’d think that Leo was making a 90’s style yer mom joke.