Leo on reality

In Leo’s Batman book it said that Batman flew to Washington in the batmobile faster than the speed of light. Caleb got really upset that this book was saying that anything could fly faster than the speed of light. Who wrote this shit and why are we reading it to our kids?

Leo had a calmer perspective. “Daddy, Batman and Superman are superheros. They aren’t real.”

King Lucy

Last night at dinner Lucy announced “I’m the King.” Daddy told her that she was the queen and Leo told her she was a princess and he was a prince. But I told Lucy she can be whatever she wants to be!

Here is our ruler, King Lucy.

Speaking of girl/boy roles. Today I overheard this conversation:
Leo: “Daddy pick a color.”
Daddy: “Purple.”
Leo: “Uh, how about a boy color, Dad.”

More haircuts

This afternoon the kids and I were sitting on the couch reading books when Lucy brought her blanket over and put it on me. I’m giving you a haircut she said. Then she smoothed down my hair and poked at my head. It was clear that she remembered her visit to Julie’s Q’s last weekend. When she was done I asked, “How do I look?” “Like a boy” she said.

Here is Lucy cutting Daddy’s hair.

I also couldn’t resist pictures of the kid’s dinner plates Friday night. I dont even know why we give them separate plates. If we gave them one plate Leo could eat the veggies and Lucy could eat the meat and there would be no parental angst of pushing the kids to finish their food.

The prettiest

This morning Lucy looked at Caleb and said “I’m the best.” Caleb said, “why’d you say that, Lucy?” to which she answered, “because I am the prettiest.” Now we aren’t the kind of parents to raise such a vain child so I decided to chop off her beautiful blonde locks.

Well maybe that was the reason for the haircut, or maybe it was that her hair was looking really scraggly and I’ve been reading this book about French parenting, and maybe it has been making me think of cute little french bob haircuts, and I was thinking that Lucy would look really cute with a bob. I’m not really sure if the French actually have more bobs than we Americans but Lucy sure does look cute now that I have chopped her hair all off. So she may still be the prettiest.

This was our first time at the hair dresser with a kid since Leo went a little nuts when he was about two. But Lucy did really good.

Here she is before looking skeptical.

But she really seems to enjoy making faces at herself in the mirror.

And here she is cute as a button with the famous Helen of the Julie Q Hair Salon. Thank you Helen!

After the haircut we went to hang out in the park to eat some pork buns. Isn’t Caleb looking thin and handsome? We are trying a new diet, weight watchers, (well Caleb would tell you he is on Weight Watchers for men) and Caleb is slimming down. I assure you pork buns are a very dietetic food.