Overheard at soccer camp

The kids were getting tired by the end of the day.

Leo: How much minutes are left?
Coach: Infinity minutes
Leo: Infinity is not a number
Coach: Yes it is. It is a number that goes on forever.
Leo: But my daddy says …

The big three

Lucy is 3! Well she turned three a couple weeks ago. Then we had a party last weekend. Now I’m finally updating the blog.

Lucy had a really busy year being two so for various parts of her party she looked kinda like this:

But she was also able to be up and around for some of the fun. At Miguel’s birthday party in December he had a pinata but it the kid right before Lucy broke it. For the past three months we have been hearing from Lucy about how “I never get a turn at the pinata.” Since it was her birthday she got to go first.

Here are the kids looking so excited about their loot. Leo and Lucy don’t yet know that when then go to bed their parents are gonna gobble those tootsie rolls right up.

And here is almost everyone hanging around the broken pinata.

And the kids bonding with their auntie.

Lucy also got a present that would make Grandma Erica cringe. Spencer rocking out on Lucy’s new Barbie guitar.

The kids love the guitar. They go in the closet and watch the lights glow. It even has taught Lucy to run around the house singing “I’m a Barbie girl …”. Just as long as grandma does not hear I think it is OK.

With a year marker, it seems like a good time to reflect on all the sweetness of the past year, and talk about the cute things Lucy did as a two year old that I do not want to forget. Unfortunately, my memory is pretty spotty, and even recalling the past few weeks is tough. But here are a couple things.

Lucy refers to herself as herself, like “Leo hurt myself.”

She loves to dress herself and is very particular about her clothes. In her birthday pictures she is wearing her favorite Dora tutu which she has had for more than a year. It is about a year too small. Sometimes she likes to wear a dress over a skirt.

She loves the fattiest part of the food. She and Leo are like Jack Sprat and his wife. When we have meat she says “Can I have the fattest piece?” When we have chicken Lucy asks for the skin. Then she walks over to my plate and asks for my skin too. She pronounces it “sin”. “can I have your sin?” and then takes a sinful skinful. Leo is practically a vegetarian and always eats his fruits and veggies first and sometimes picks at his meat. Despite this, Caleb has convinced both kids that the juice from the steak is a delicacy better than dessert. Whenever we have steak for dinner I have both kids shouting “I want the blood juice”, “No, I want the blood juice.”

Lucy’s new favorite game is pet animals. She will bring you a plastic animal, say an octopus and say “Do you want to pet him?” “You have to pet him from head to toe.” The most friendly kind of animal we get to pet is the stuffed cat but we are often petting alligators and octopuses and dinosaurs.

Of course, the kids are quite funny together as well. Here is a present a very thoughtful Leo made for Lucy. It is a shield that he made for her to protect herself when he throw things at her.

Happy Birthday Lucy!


Johanna: Are we gonna watch the superbowl this weekend?
Caleb: How would we?

Took me a second, but he was referring to the fact that we don’t have broadcast tv. The internet and roku have totally taken over our lives.