10 years later

Yesterday, celebrating our 10yr anniversary.

This is what we looked like 10 years ago.

One thing I can say has improved … camera resolution! All our wedding photos are thumbnails in today’s advanced digital world.

It turns out, that I actually wrote a similar post 5 years ago that I just discovered using Search plus Your World, a new feature on Google. I wasn’t sure if I could spell anniversary, so I typed it into Google, and magically, this old post I wrote showed up in the search results. Pretty cool. But also brings up the shocking point that I’ve been writing this blog for more than 5 years now. It makes mathematical sense since I have a 5 year old. This little sweetheart was pretty sad that we did not invite him to celebrate our anniversary with us. He seems to have forgotten by today.

Here he is with is cool marble racer.

And his little sister. (These kid pix are from last weekend of course. This weekend is all about the parents. :-) ).

2011 – A year of climbing trees, playing sharks, and eating eggs

2011 was a big year for us.

Lucy and Leo are growing like gangbusters. Lucy especially. At her 2 year appointment the doctor told us that she was in the 107th percentile for height. My mom, the math teacher, taught me that percentiles only go to 99, but Caleb and I were able to interpret this to mean Lucy is really tall. Kids get in free to lots of places when then are under three but the ticket taker at the San Diego Zoo gave us some pretty dirty looks last week when we explained that Lucy was two. “Really?”

When she is not scaring her mom by climbing to the top of our orange tree, Lucy is busy mastering the principles of logic. The first persuasive technique she uses is that of equality. Or in her words: “just like Leo.” “I want to take my shoes off, just like Leo.” “I want to read a book, just like Leo.” “I want a cookie, just like Leo.” When she can’t compare to Leo Lucy uses another logical trick, explaining things from another direction. For example, Lucy will start with “Mommy can I have some candy?” If I say no, she will explain, “but Mommy, I do want some candy.” And then if I say no again, “but I dooo want some candy”. Being the great debater that I am, sometimes I am swayed by this logic.

Leo is growing up as well. In the fall he started Kindergarten. We decided to go against the tide of Silicon Valley parents and send him to school when he was almost 5. So he is the youngest and (by our objective judgment) also the smartest and most mature in his class. In all seriousness is really fun to watch Leo learning so much. He is in a Spanish language immersion class. As a result he is constantly correcting Caleb and my pronunciation of Spanish words. In English, Caleb and I still have superior language skills. Leo sometimes talks like a backwater hick. When he is curious he says, “what’s that fer?” and he also often says “nothin’”.

Actually, I was worried that Spanish would be the most stressful part of kindergarten but it turns out that modern kindergarten is like some pressure cooker art school. Every week for homework Leo has to draw a picture of his favorite part of a book, which for the first few weeks led to him freaking out “Mommy, It doesn’t look like a shark!!!”. He has since calmed down and can draw sharks quite expertly.

On our recent road trip he even got to pet a shark.

One great thing about the kids growing up is that they are learning to play together. Often this deteriorates into a some kind of fight. But sometimes it is just magical. Here we are on the beach during one of those magical moments. Kids playing happily with enough seaweed for everyone.

As far as the adults go, we started 2011 with a weight loss competition, Sammy, Caleb and I. Sammy lost 90 lbs! Caleb lost 10 pounds! I weighed in this morning and it looks like even I lost a pound. Some people may say that is within the natural variation but I am quite pleased to not be heavier than the beginning of last year. Game is on again for next year but Sammy will not have quite an advantage this time.

Because of all this dieting I started eating eggs. I also used to not like lamb so every time I travelled for work Caleb would make lamb chops for the kids. But recently I tried them and I liked them so now there is nothing I don’t like to eat. So please invite us for dinner in 2012! Caleb and Leo will still pick out their tomatoes, Lucy will pick out her onions, but I will eat anything you serve me (as long as it is carb free, or sugar free, or low calorie, or is one of the foods consumed by our Paleolithic ancestors, or adheres to whatever diet I am on that week).

Happy New Year!

With love, Johanna, Caleb, Leo & Lucy