DIY December

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Erica are here to visit. Since they taught me to be industrious and creative as a child we thought we’d keep in the tradition of doin’ it ourselves.

Here I am cutting Lucy’s bangs.

Leo has also become “muy creativo” as his teacher says. I’m actually real proud of how creative Leo seems to be. One weekend he made his teacher a gift. It was popsicle stick with pipecleaners holding the number 19 at the top. His classroom is room 19. Then at the bottom there was a long string. And on it he made a loop of tape where he posted the tape inside out on the inside so it could slide up and down on the rope. This part he called a cable car. His teacher called this “muy creativo” which was a nice response to Leo’s creative present. Here is the snow globe Leo made today.

Grandpa and Grandma helped Leo and Lucy make a stepping stone. Thank you Cherith for this kit as Leo’s birth present. We’ve finally put it to use 5 years later.

But the most creative thing we have done has been our weeklong project of our gingerbread house. Three days ago the kids and I made the dough. Then two days ago I got up at 6:00AM and made the pieces.

Then we had a slightly gross interlude. Yesterday Leo didn’t feel like decorating the gingerbread house. Instead he felt like puking in the part of the back seat of our car where the seat belts come of out the seats. Our seats dont come out so there was just this nasty corner of puke entangled in seat belts. So I rolled up my industrious sleeves and with a great attitude, or maybe I was complaining the whole time depending on who you ask, cleaned it right out. Another item from the kid’s baby years came in handy, the bottle brush! Just don’t tell anyone who may need to clean bottles at our house.
And we now have a cleaner car than when we started b/c my dad took the car into the car wash after I scrubbed with the brush which may have been the cars first wash since we bought it two years ago. I am very happy to have a clean car.

And now back to our beautiful gingerbread house …

Not quite as gross as the throw up was the frosting squeezer that we store above our stove that has no fan. Caleb thinks that I had been intending to make this cake for 5 years which is why we even have this but have not opened it.

This time Caleb’s industrious washing skills came into play and this squeezey thing turned out to be a great device. And here are some in action photos.

And here is the family with its house!

5 year old talks to a 2 year old

Leo: Lucy, you know knife doesn’t start with an “N”? What does it start with?
Lucy: An E?

We have twin neighbors a little older than Lucy named Audrey and Jack. When Caleb asks Lucy to sing her favorite song it goes something like: “Jack and Audrey went up the hill. Really, really, really, really.”