Boring Eating Habits Post: Lucy Edition

Even as Leo has become much less omnivorous as of late, as we have been told happens as a kid ages, he still loves things like sardines and mussels, which are a little off the beaten path for a four year old. Nothing too strange, though. Lucy, however, is changing into a kid with very strange tastes! She loves salmon skin, for instance, and not delicious crispy roasted skin, soggy fatty skin from the bottom of the foil. And today I was forming hamburgers and apparently Lucy is very fond of raw hamburger. She asked for a little taste, so I gave her one, anticipating that she wouldn’t like it much, but man! She really went for it. She kept saying “Daddy, I want a big piece!” She ate quite a few good-sized lumps of raw hamburger. I am not sure whether she has a sophisticated palate or she is just plain weird!

Big Basin

Today we decided to go out and explore a new redwood park. So we got up and drove off to Big Basin. Big Basin has a redwood loop, like Henry Cowell, but it also seems to have many more trees that are not behind fences for the kids to climb on.

Here are me and the kids in the trees making faces at the camera.

In fact the kids are really good at saying cheese and not smiling. For example, I’m pretty sure that this is the kids saying “CHEEEEEEESE, CHEEEEEEESE …”

Some friends of ours from Mexico taught us that you should say “whiskey” when you are taking a picture and I do think this forces a smile better.

Anyway, we had a blast. Lucy succeeded in wearing her “baby” pants to the park. In these pictures you may think they are stylish capris. I don’t think I’ve written about the baby pants, but these are Lucy’s pants for a 12 month old that she will not let us throw away. In fact, some magic is at work here, because on a number of occasions we have thrown them away but somehow they keep showing up clean in Lucy’s drawer. The morning she announced “I want to wear my baby pants.” I ignored her but then she showed up ready to go in her baby pants.

Leo had some much fun that he wanted to stick around and skip soccer. And I don’t even think we brought any ticks home. So all in all it was a success.


Leo: What country do they speak Japanese?
Me: Japan

Me: Leo, what language do they speak in the United States?
Leo: English
Me: What language do they speak in Mexico?
Leo: Spanish
Me: What language do they speak in China?
Leo: German