Preschool Graduation

You may wonder what that is, but, in fact, many pre-schools are having graduation these days. Not just Leo’s but lots of schools. This is an opportunity to make the children perform for and hour, drive the teachers crazy practicing for this performance, make the parents buy white tee-shirts, and also let everyone eat some cake.

All in all it was pretty fun watching Leo get his little diploma.

Not so fun was trying to keep Lucy from going nuts during the event. Or taking care of her on purpose accident with no change of clothes. Daddy did that.

Here is Lucy explaining that “No, I am mad at you mommy” because we would not let her have cake.

And on a lighter note, here are best friends, Leo and Dylan:

Even after so much fun yesterday, we still had some energy to have fun today too. We had banana’s for breakfast and Lucy made a game. I’m gonna play man cub. Here is Leo playing man cub:

Can you see the resemblance?

And then we went hiking in Hidden Villa.

We looks so happy in that picture. It is hard to say, but it may have been that at that very beautiful family moment, a tick was burrowing itself into my hip. Later in the afternoon, I looked down and there was a nasty bug with it’s little leggies dangling out attached to my side. Thanks to a pair of tweezers, Google, and the CDC, I did a little operation and now am tick free but still a little grossed out. Probably not grossed out enough though, that we wont try to go hiking again tomorrow.

Me Board

We spent the morning working on Leo’s “Me Board,” a school project to make a poster about himself. We picked some pictures that he liked of himself and also printed pictures of things he likes. Here is his list of things he likes:

  • Bell peppers
  • Batman logo
  • Superman logo
  • Batman (without the logo)
  • Superman (without the logo)
  • Sharks
  • Lions

Here is Leo cutting out pictures:

And here is the masterpiece. Spam and eggs was not on the original list but made it in anyway.

I’m so happy!

The kids had a really fun weekend at Grandpa Kens. It was so fun that Lucy started shouthing a new phrase: “I’m so happy!” At first this was when we told her she could go in the pool, she started jumping up and down saying “I’m so happy!” And then later when we told her she could watch TV, “I’m so happy!”

Yesterday, Leo told us it was the best day ever. The reasons he listed: “swimming, vacation, & ice cream .”

Here is the “I’m so happy” jump.

The kiddies really did have a ton of fun in the pool. More than last time and it makes us think we need to give Leo swimming lessons soon. He really enjoyed kick boarding around the pool. And even Lucy enjoyed swimming.

Here is Lucy sitting smiling on Grandpa. She was sitting there and Caleb asked: “Lucy, who do you like better, Grandpa or Daddy?” What’d she say? ….

“Mama”. Good girl.

We tried to get the kids to pose with Uncle David. Here is Lucy showing her charm.

And I just like this picture. Leo is growing up.