The diplomat and the tease

Maybe parents should be less solicitous, but sometimes Caleb and I ask our kids what they think of us.

Us: Who do you love better mommy or daddy?
Leo: Both

Leo always says “both”. Any time something like this comes up, he knows you should never choose one parent over the other. Lucy on the other hand, sees withholding her love as a way to get more attention.

Us: Who do you love better mommy or daddy?
Lucy: I don’t love Dada.
Daddy: I love Lucy.
Lucy: I don’t love daddy. I love Mama. Leo loves Dada.

And attention she gets. Now Lucy and Daddy have a fully fledged “I don’t love dada game”.

The fish can have the rest.

When I was a kid waiting in line for the water fountain, if another kid was taking too long, you’d say “save some water for the fish!” This is now instinctively imprinted on my memory and vocabulary so when Leo, Lucy and I were sharing a water bottle the other day and Leo was drinking too much, I looked at him and said, “save some water for the fish, Leo!” After Lucy’s turn with that water bottle, she looked at me and said, “the fish can have the rest.”

Interestingly, this has been imprinted on her memory too. Whenever Lucy doesn’t want to finish her food these days, she looks at me and says, “the fish can have the rest.”

And now an interlude of pictures, before stories of the cute things Leo says. My mom asked me to photograph the quilt she made for me when I was a kid. Here are my kids being cute on my quilt.

And then back to the stories. Here is what Leo thinks I love most in the world.

I looked at Leo the other day and I said, “Leo, I love you kids more than anything else in the world.” To which Leo says … “Do you love me more than candy?”
I can understand this, I do love candy. Next Leo says …
“Do you love me more than new houses?”
I guess I understand this too, we enjoy going to open houses in the neighborhood.
Finally, Leo says …
“Do you love me more than farts?”
This one, I cannot explain!

Happy Mother’s Day!