What could be so captivating to my children?

It’s a ground hog. If you look closely you can see it poking it’s little head up.

We’re polite

My kids are starting to talk to each other. Here was a conversation I overheard today.

Lucy: “We’re polite.”
Leo: “Look at my feet.”
Lucy: “Look at my booger.”

We’re making a mess

The title should be obvious because we are potty training this weekend, and it is, indeed, messy. But I’m really referring to a song the kids made up a song lade night. It went like this “we’re making a mess, we’re making a mess, we’re making a mess, mess, mess …” all to the tune of Pinky and the Brain. It looked like this:

Today we planted a vegetable garden. Leo helped us dig up the soil and here he is showing off a worm.

Lucy’s contributions weren’t as helpful. She stuck her hands in the mud wiped them off on me and said, “now your butt is dirty, mommy.” Thanks, Lucy.

Leo is learning to climb the orange tree.

And Lucy is learning to drive.