Family Tree

We never posted about our trip to Yosemite and I’ve forgotten most of the gems. But Grandpa Ken did a great job memorializing the trip with his superb photography.

Here is a picture of the family around a redwood tree.

Actually getting to the tree was a challenge. It was a 2 mile hike that took us only two days or, more accurately stated, two tries. On the first day we walked for hours at a two-year-old-four-year-old pace and decided to turn back. On day two we brought grandpa and Mitch and Lara and hiked to the top with grandpa pulling Leo and Lucy in the back pack. At the top, in our moment of achievement, Lucy looked around confused and said, “where’s Sasha’s and J’s house?” Those are her friends from next door.

This was one of those vacations that I was really fearful I had screwed up as the vacation planner because when we arrived to our snow vacation it was raining. Thankfully the rain turned to snow overnight.

Leo really loved the snow quite a bit more than Lucy who got a little whimpery when we too her out in it. Leo threw snow balls and snowshoed and sledded. But Lucy despite her mostly grumpiness had a few moments of pure joy on the sled.

and Mitch and Lara did too!

ANd Leo had fun all the time let’s look at him too!
Here is the whole album.


You thought this was a slide but Lucy’s not quite two year old imagination saw a blackhole.

We went to the park and played superheroes after our long drive from yosemite.