Happy Birthday Grandma

We are busy getting ready for Christmas. My mom has given up sweets. So she wont be eating any of my peppermint whoopie pies tomorrow. But the rest of us can.

Mom and dad are in town. Here are the kids waiting for their “apetizing cake” (not sure why they were calling it that.

And here they are helping grandma open her present.

It seems as if it is just as exciting for my kids to open other peoples presents as their own.

Leo and grandpa also amused themselves by talking about how seltzer water is sour and bubbly.

Our week of my vacationing from work at home with grandma and grandpa has been fun. We done a bunch of things like make cookies for santa.

Actually tonight Leo was really sweet about Santa. He wanted to go to bed early and he wanted us to go with him so that no one would mess up Santa’s coming by being awake.

This week Leo and grandpa also played legos.

Leo made a gingerbread house at school that he shared with his sister. The teachers used an old milk carton as a base to keep it upright which seemed pretty clever. Lucy kept calling it “my gingerbread house.”

This week has been really fun watching Lucy play because she it talking so much more and developing her little personality. She loves her baby doll. My parents claim I never loved baby dolls. But today, for example, Lucy woke up and wanted to put a diaper on her doll. She then picked out a dress for her doll and she then put her doll to bed, closed the door to her room and told me “baby sleeping.”

Lucy is also peeing on the potty which I am really proud of. She isn’t potty trained but 2-3 times a day she will say “pee on potty” and then just go and do it! So I am feeling like this one is gonna come totally naturally.

I had one guilty pleasure this week. Lucy got sick and starting throwing up. Afterwards she was really tired and all she wanted to do was sleep in mommy’s arms. Usually she is only snuggly in inconvenient ways, like sitting on my lap in front of my eyes and demanding I read her a book. So I took advantage of two-three hours of cuddling, before she woke up the next day and not so interested in cuddling her mom.

Here is my sleepy baby.

Outer space

Ever since we went to the space museum Lucy loves outer space. We were driving tonight looking at Christmas lights and Lucy was busy babbling about outer space. It went something like “Outer space … moon … sun … blackhole”. Then she said “Outer space song” and started singing “outer space, outer space, outer space …”

We tried to video it later on but she would not cooperate. Here we are trying to re-create the moment.

Lucy is also working at prolonging going to bed. Tonight before bed she requested: “pee in poty” “wash hands” “water” “booger towel” “hug leo” and a kiss before we could finally drop her in her crib.

Here we are checking out the mud at shoreline park on yesterday’s rainy day.

Getting Ready for Christmas

This year I’m really excited for Christmas. My parents are coming and my kids are big enough to enjoy it. Last weekend me and the kids decorated the tree.

Leo transcribed a letter to Santa to me.

Dear Santa,
We really like the table at cost plus. We also want dragon toys and dragon costumes and snoopy toys. We really like spike. I like tumble weed man and spike’s cactus
from, Leo

I think much of this was inspired from our walk to cost plus and also just watching a Snoopy Christmas special.

Leo also has been writing letters at school. He wrote a letter to his favorite teacher Ozi by putting a lot of letters on a piece of paper and then signing his name. She asked him what it said and he said “I don’t remember.”

Lucy had a Christmas party at school. Maria, her nanny, was worried we’d dress Lucy in superhero clothes so she borrowed a red velvet dress for Lucy to wear. Here is Lucy giving us a dirty look after she puts her dress on.

And here she is at the party.

We made orange juice with oranges the size of a kid’s head.

Enjoy the holidays!

Night night da da allá

Lucy has started speaking Spanish. One of her favorite words is allá which means over there. Yesterday she was running around saying “outer space … allá” and pointing to the door. Tonight at bedtime Lucy’s daddy was off taking a final exam so Lucy said “Night night Dada allá”.

Here are Lucy and Daddy together.

This weekend Lucy’s friend Beatrix came over and made some phone calls on our remote.

Then Lucy and Bea posed for the camera. “CHEESE!”