We had the best Thanksgiving ever. Like always, I thought the turkey would be ready at 3:00 but it was ready at 5:00. We had Leo’s friends Alex and Dylan over. Leo explained to his Dad that he really liked Dylan because they sit around at lunch and do poop talk.

In fact, this past weekend the poop talk was erupting out of control. Pretty much every other word out of Leo’s mouth was “butt”. Then I had a moment of parenting genius. I was not the first genius to come along in this area. In fact, another genius wrote me an awesome song. I decided to teach Leo “You better watch out …”

By the end of the weekend he was saying butt less and when he did following it up with “Don’t tell Santa.” Caleb explained that Santa knows everything so we don’t have to tell him. This week there have been almost no utterances of the word butt. And when Leo gets bad I tell him I’m gonna tell Santa Claus. To which he says “you don’t have to tell him. He knows.”

But back to Thanksgiving. We had lots of delicious food. The kids really loved their turkey.

And we had out first ever kids table.

The only food we didn’t have enough of was Apple juice. Next year I’ll know better.

Lucy also got to play with cute little baby Eleanor.

This has been a really fun time because Lucy is blossoming and finally starting to talk and do stuff. Her little personality is busting out.

Turns out that Lucy is like her mom in many ways. She loves to swing. At the park she’ll get on the swing and make you push her for hours. Lucy also loves chocolate. After Halloween Lucy has had some chocolate and knows what it is and where the Halloween candy is in the house. Last night at dinner, Lucy erupted in a chocolate fit. We were all just sitting around eating dinner and out of nowhere Lucy shouted “chocolate”. Then she started screaming and crying “chocolate, chocolate, chocolate” and pointing at the cabinet. Nothing would calm her down. And I can’t say I didn’t understand where she was coming from. Don’t worry we were good parents and didn’t give in to her crying and moaning.

Lucy is also very excited about the potty probably b/c her big brother likes to go potty. Sometimes she will sit down and pee on the potty. But she doesn’t have a good sense of when is a good time to go or not. So sometimes she sits on the potty and will say to me “not working.”

Lucy also is proving to have a pretty good memory. We had this pumpkin patch that had bouncy houses at it at Halloween that we went to a couple times. Then me and the kids went back to Trader Joes (in the same shopping complex) and Lucy starting shouting “pumpkin patch jumping pumpkin patch jumping”. When I explained to her that it was all gone, she kept telling us “pumpkin patch all gone”.

Here is what my sweet princess is growing up to look like:

And my little superhero: