Leo the Combinatorialist

So today on the way back from school Leo said “Dad, look how many ways I can make three!” And he showed me different ways he could make three with the fingers of one hand. Then he was all “look, it is the same number of ways I can make two!” And I was like wow! And then we chatted about the binomial theorem for a while.

Just kidding about those last two things. But he really did say the first thing!

How do you say “agua” in Spanish again?

Today’s topic is skills development. We’ll start the story with ice cream. Here is Leo with his friend Alex. It was Leo’s first ice cream cone and he did not spill any. He even fell onto the floor at one point but the cone remained standing.

The kids are also learning woodworking. Here they are drilling holes. Daddy is also learning woodworking. He’d made it slightly past the drilling holes stage when school started up again. So any fine furniture for the house is on hold.

Leo has also started taking Spanish at school. He really seems to get a kick out of it but it leads to strange questions, such as the title of this post. How do you say agua in Spanish anyway?

More on agua. Lucy is a really thirsty baby. You can tell in this picture because even though she had a water bottle at the park, she preferred to drink from the faucet that was being turned on by some kid’s dirty foot. Lucy is always trying to manipulate us with her requests for agua. If it is bedtime she needs 1,000 drinks. If we are at the park we need to run to the water fountain 10 times.

The kids are learning about parenting. Lucy has always seemed to have an obsession with her baby dolls. We’ll find her moving them to and from her stroller and feeding them fake bottles all the time. Here we have the full game with Leo pushing Lucy in her toy stroller holding the little baby.

Here is everyone reading Leo’s favorite bedtime story, The Tick. I never really knew about the tick but that big blue superhero has become an obsession of Leo’s.

And finally, not so much about skills, but we had a nice visit from our friends Sharon, Kevin and Millie this weekend. It was great to see them.