But Lucy is a dog’s name!


So it seems like Lucy is more popular as a dog’s name than a little girl’s name. Of course, if bone-eating is any guide, our Lucy is a better dog than any dog. Now can she bury one, I wonder.

My new school


So I am scouting out running
trails at ucsc where I will be going to grad school, and I came across what appears to be an altar to Tony Hillerman and Carlos Castaneda made out of milk crates. I am a little worried that there might be hippies on drugs here. Sorry about the non kid-related post!

Lots of adventures

Last week was a busy week at so I haven’t had time to write about our many adventures. But the exciting news is that Alyssa Milano has been tweeting about my launch making me feel pretty darned famous: http://twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/status/24143531895.

I’m gonna start backwards on the family adventures and see how far I get. Starting with this weekend. Grandpa Ken came to visit.

While he was here, Leo has been giving Caleb parenting lessons. For example, Caleb spit and Leo let him know that that was a bad lesson for him.

As Leo has gotten better at understanding the world his accurate ways of describing things sound a bit funny. For example, Leo says, “Daddy can you clean my face with your germs?” This refers to Caleb’s habit of licking his thumb and wiping food off of Leo’s face. Leo knows what germs are, but I guess he doesn’t yet know that they are gross.

Lucy can understand us well now and also really knows her preferences. Here is an example of where Lucy’s loyalty lies:
Me: Lucy, give Daddy a kiss.
Lucy: No
Me: Give Leo a kiss.
Lucy: No
Me: Give the iPad a kiss
Then the iPad gets lots of kisses

Leo and Lucy are using the iPad to gang up a against us parents. Leo will come and state a joint preference, “Lucy and I want to play iPad” and Lucy will echo “yah”.

Sometime recently Lucy started saying “Yah” which is really cute and also helpful.

That sounds like a lead in to a story but it actually isn’t. I think Lucy was already saying “yah” though on our previous adventure back, our trip to Boston.

Leo and Lucy loved jumping on grandma and grandpa’s couch.

There is Sammy with Leo and his favorite toy that he found at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, a plastic clothes hanger.

And here are Leo & Lucy really in action, fighting over the pillows they were throwing on and off the couch.

We went out to New Hampshire and visited Auntie Cheryl, Matt, and Vanessa. The girls played pretty well together. But the real highlight for Lucy was all of Auntie Cheryl’s pets. She ran around picking up the cats and the dog.

Vanessa does not seem to have inherited Matt’s giant genes, but Lucy somehow has, via a part of biology that I can’t understand. Lucy was somehow taller than Vanessa. Here are the kids looking cute in the wading pool.

And here is the proud grandma with baby Vanessa.

Every day in Boston we did something fun. We rode the subway. We went to the swan boats, the aquarium, walden pond. We even went to lunch near uncle Sammy’s work:

The T:

And now Lucy is up from her nap so you’ll have to look at the full album to figure out what the other adventure was.



So grandpa gave daddy some tools over the Boston vacation, and Leo and Dad made a castle with a plow plane and a drawknife. Here it is!