Uncle Sammy’s retrospective

Uncle Sammy came to visit and we got the picture from his camera. It is a good thing because I don’t think I have a camera anymore. It is gone and I’m pretty sure I dropped it in a park a few weekends ago. Here is Lucy scared of Sammy’s cat from last fall when Lucy and I went to Boston.

Some things don’t change over a year.

But some things do. Lucy has grown up quite a bit. She can slap her uncle five.

She can put sun glasses on her mommy.

And go down the slide all by herself.

We went to the park and had a blast. Lucy met a bigger version of herself that was willing to get her water when her mom wasn’t. They had a ton of fun splashing and playing in the sand. Sometimes Leo tells his friends that his little sister is a monster. You can see why.

While the girls were getting messy, Leo made up a game for himself where he shot his airplane gun, a hem, I mean “launcher”, from the slide as he went down.

This cool gun made Leo some friends at the park b/c the other kids wanted to play with it. It is a pretty cool toy.

Leo has also recently been sleeping with a new stuffed animal that we call the “otter daughter”. For the first three years of his life Leo didn’t really form any attachment to stuffed animals but the “otter daughter” (an otter with a little baby attached) is different. He wants it every night to sleep and if it falls out of his bed he will come to tell us his otter daughter fell out of the bed.

So the other day I said to Leo, “you really like your otter daughter, don’t you?” Leo quickly responded “and my gun too”. I see where the loyalty lies.

And one final picture from Uncle Sammy. Aw, isn’t that sweet.

Leo on arithmetic

“When I’m 4 Lucy in gonna be 2.” (Good.)
“When I’m 5 Lucy is gonna be 3.” (Wow, he really gets it!)
“When I’m 6 Lucy is gonna be 3 1/2.” (Well… true at least for part of the year.)
“When I’m 10 Lucy is gonna be 4.” (Hmm….)