We’re looking cute!

This morning Leo shouts, “Dad, take a picture of me and Lucy. We’re being cute”. Here it is.

They were, indeed, being cute. Here is another cute Lucy.

They keep saying cute stuff too. As you saw in Caleb’s recent post, Leo has invented a new kind of foie gras. If you hear a three year old at my house asking you to pass the foie gras, you misheard. He wanted you to pass the Frog-ua (frog + agua).

We are slow at blogging but a couple weekends ago Leo had his first recital. It was for dance class. It was so awesome to watch. We knew that Leo was the only boy in his class but we didn’t know how few boys there were in the school. There were 3 boys and probably about 60 girls. I thought these were more modern times. Here is the proud dancing lion in action.

It’s also probably pretty hard to believe, but Caleb graduated from college. I always thought this day would come and it did.

Caleb’s family came to celebrate with us.



At school Leo has to take his nap way over next to the door because he is too rowdy. But look at him sleeping angelically!


Lucy loves frogs. We think she is saying ribbit every time she sees a frog. Here she is with her frog book.

The record on cuteness

Caleb has just learned to post from his phone. So now he posts the least photogenic pictures of our kiddies with red eye and funny looks. But i have to set the record straight on cuteness.

Aw … Who is that sweet looking girl?

We went to Hawaii and it was a ton of fun. Leo continues to have an interesting perspective on life. On the plane ride there Caleb was telling Leo about how they were gonna have really delicious passion fruit juice in hawaii.
Leo said: “do you know what kind of juice I think is really delicious dad?”
Caleb: “what kind, Leo?”
Then Leo lowers his voice and whispers: “chocolate juice”

Leo kept making such revelations. We let Leo watch a lot of DVDs during the plane ride and when Lucy was napping. So while we were in Hawaii playing, I asked Leo if there wasn’t anything more fun than playing on the beach. Leo says, “you know what’s more fun than playing on the beach mom?” then he gets his chocolate juice tone of voice back and whispers “watching”. Yes, that’s right, watching TV.

Lucy is also starting to talk. She can speak in sentences as long as one word is more or my: “my baba”, “more agua”. Here she is stealing a french fry from Lisa.

She can also say “koala”. It sounds like “olalala”. She loved to see the koala on the “koala kids” brand public restroom changing tables. We would go in and say bye to the koalas.