Sasha and J gave Lucy a haircut today. Her nanny (pictured) is going to get a big surprise come time for Xmas bonus! Ha ha.


This morning, after the kids got dressed, Johanna sez:

“Hey Leo, you have a Superman shirt and Lucy has a Spiderman shirt!”

Leo replies:

“Yes Mom, that’s because me and Lucy have to save this world.”

Deep Thoughts with Leo

I think Leo is going to turn out to be one of those guys who does lots of his deep thinking in the bathroom. Today he was sitting on the pot, and I was reading in the next room (he likes one of us to be around when he’s doing his business) and the conversation goes like this:

“Daddy, what does Y mean?”
“What do you mean Leo, the letter Y?”
“No Dad, the question “why?”. What does that mean?”

You guys try answering that, because I don’t think I got anywhere.