Leo: Girls like books
me: What do boys like?
Leo: Boys like comics
Daddy: Some boys don’t like comics. Weird boys
Leo: But I’m a weird boy that likes comics
Daddy: That’s right Leo
Leo: We’re the only ones, right Daddy?
Daddy: I think there are lots of weird boys that like comics

The artist

Leo’s name follows in a long line of artists: Leo Da Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, and Leo Dicaprio. Leo is turning out to have an artistic bent of his own. He loves to sit at the computer and play paint. He can sit for long stretches of time “painting” on the computer. It is pretty cool to watch him use the computer. He can open the program and print on his own adn is pretty comfortable with the menus. Now, like all artists Leo has his oddities. His current kick is to wear his lion costume all the time. Here is our little little Lion painting.

Here is our lion playing in the park with his sister.