Uncle Sammy’s visit

Uncle Sammy came to visit for a long weekend.

On Friday night he and Caleb went out to a concert together. After I put the kids to bed, I realized it was the first time I’d been home “alone” in any amount of time that I could remember. It was so exciting. I had the whole house to myself to do whatever I wanted. You’ll have to read on to the end to see how I spend my Friday night.

Then on Saturday Sammy and I took the kids to the aquarium.

Leo had just gone to the aquarium with his dad a few weeks ago so he knew where he wanted to go and showed off what he had seen before. Lucy chilled out in the backpack for the first part of the trip. She was mesmerized by the big blue tanks of fish. We then went to lunch where Lucy thought it was fun to put her hand in the pizza sauce and then bang it against the wall.

You can tell that Sammy doesn’t have kids b/c he was surprised by how much the kids could dawdle in a single place that barely seemed like it was part of the museum. Here is Leo at the spot that he and Lucy seemed to like best, the tidepool. This was a pool where you could see a wave crash into a pool of seaweed. We were there watching it for about 45 minutes.

It was pretty cool for Leo to get to go on Sammy’s shoulders because Sammy is so tall. Except for when Sammy bonked poor Leo’s head into a sign. But that was OK too.

We’ve started putting Lucy’s hair into pony tails. Which we think looks cuuuu-ute!

Although admittedly a little less cute the next day before her bath.

Today we headed out to the redwood groves to show Sammy some big trees.

When we got home I overheard a somewhat concerning conversation between Caleb, Leo and Sammy. It went something like this.
Sammy: “You let Leo say ‘big ass’?”
Leo: “Why you can’t say ‘big ass'”?
Caleb: “Now, Leo, you can only say ‘big ass’ at home with Mommy, Daddy and uncle Sammy. Don’t say it at school”.

I guess I’m OK with that as long as Leo doesn’t ask his teacher, “Why you can’t say ‘big ass’ in school?”

And if you made it this far, I will tell you what I did with my free time on Friday night. I ate two bowls of ice cream and watched Desperate Housewives. It was awesome.

Daylight savings. yay!

Daylight saving makes me so happy. First of all the kids slept til 7:00 and they didn’t even know it. Then tonight Leo & I independently told Caleb we wanted to to go on a picnic. So we had PB&Js in the park for dinner.

This picture is actually an optical illusion. Lucy may be a big baby, but she is not as big as Leo.

Lucy’s hair is getting long enough that we are able to dress her up in pigtails.

We played until dark. Leo pretended he was picking up his auntie from the airport when she want to visit Los Angeles. I was impressed that he remembered Lisa & her trip. Then Lucy cried and cried when it was time to come home because she loves the park.

My kids are gonna have really clean teeth

Lucy’s favorite toy is her daddy’s flossing equipment.

And Leo and Lucy love to fight over this toy. This picture here puts Leo into hysterics. Not only does he love to make faces but he loves to laugh at his faces too.

On another note, it used to be that I was Lucy’s favorite. Now if Auntie Lisa leaves the room, Lucy cries and cries. Here is Lucy with her favorite friend:


Leo is into reading comics. He and his daddy read the legion of superheros at night before bed. He can tell you about bizarro superman who is bad and john john the martian manhunter and a bunch of other stuff. So today Leo’s daddy sewed him a cape. Well, yesterday, Leo’s daddy stapled him a cape and today he upgraded it with the sewing machine. Here is our own little superhero.

Here is Leo flying through the air on an earlier day.

We went to see the snow last weekend in Arnold. The kids loved sledding and Leo loved eating snow. Only, his friend Jessica was not allowed to eat snow, so I told him he couldn’t either. So he kept looking at me with an impish grin about to eat snow. So I offhandedly told Leo he should at least hide it from me if he was trying to be bad. As a result, Leo spent the rest of the day hiding from me in the corner eating snow.