Taking back the night

Today we went to Lucy’s one year appointment with Dr. Chaet. If you are wondering who that is, Dr. Chaet has appeared in this blog before.

Anyway Dr. Chaet told us that is was our job to bring Lucy to the table hungry and to her bed tired. It was not our job to spoon feed her or breast feed her all night long. She even when on to hyperbolize that Lucy may end up with black baby teeth from all this night feeding.

So Caleb and I have decided … We are taking back the night!

Tomorrow Lucy’s sleep training begins. And Leo’s picks up where we left it two years ago. Caleb and I feel so invigorated by the thought of restful nights. Don’t burst our bubble. We are sure it will work this time.

As you saw, my baby girl turned 1.

Her big brother jumped for joy.

Her Grandpa Mike and Grandma Erica came to visit.

They took a video of her learning to walk.

Not only is Lucy walking but she is learning to express herself. Her is her favorite expression.

We think it means “So whatcha gonna do about it”.

Lucy throws her water on the floor. Then

Lucy grabs Leo’s toy. Then

Lucy attacks another baby. Then

So far we think it is cute. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Here Lucy is eating her cupcake at her 1st 1st birthday party over the weekend.

And here she is eating her cupcake at her 2nd 1st birthday party on the real day.

If you don’t think my baby should eat that many cupcakes this is what i say to you:

Is that Leo’s shirt?

When Lucy was six weeks old we went on a trip to NY and our friend Sharon gave Leo this cool spiderman shirt. Leo was almost 2 1/2. He wore the shirt for six months. Now it fits Lucy perfectly. She is not quite 1!

Bye guys, that’s all for tonight. Say ‘bye’ near Lucy and she’ll wave.