We firgured it out

It was so hard to get Leo and Lucy to pose together for a Christmas picture. Today we figured out how to get them to sit nicely together for the camera. How? Turn the TV on.

Lucy has learned how to kiss. Here she is practicing for when Yahir comes over every morning.

And here is Yahir, not quite sure what to make of Lucy’s affection.

Lucy is a really big baby. She is almost one but here in this picture you can see that she is almost two times the size of this other baby. We don’t have a picture of it, but a two year old came to visit Leo and she was only 1 lb heavier than Lucy.

We also got a visit from Grandpa Ken and family last weekend.

Leo loved sword fighting with David.

And Lucy loved posing with David.

Here’s Lucy checking out the other Lucy.

And of course I wanted to get a picture of myself in there.

There are lots of great pics in the album. But here is one more.

You’re so vain or … walking!

Lucy is showing some signs of vanity. In Mexico she started getting really into headbands. She liked to try on and off Keila’s headbands.

Seemingly unrelated, Lucy has been standing on her own for about 2 months now. And we keep hoping she will walk. Nothing we do will encourage her. But then tonight she saw her reflection in the window and was so entranced that she walked 8 steps to see herself better!

Mexico Part 1 – Lucy and the horny toad

We can start our story of our trip to Mexico a bit out of order with a story of Lucy and Miguel’s pet horny toad. Here I probably don’t have to write much because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here Lucy is checking him out.

And here she is asking you to check him out.

And … oh no she didn’t!