Well … not quite yet. Turns out the kiddies need passports too. Doh! So today instead of going to Mexico we drove to San Francisco 3 times. One time to go to the plane and then come home 5 minutes later when we found this out. One time to apply for rushed passports. And one time to pick up the rushed passports.

Leo and I got some quality bonding time on the final drive to SF which only he and I did. He slept on the way there. So I carried him over to the passport office where there was a line out the door of people waiting to pick up their passports. Leo wakes up and tells me he has to pee on the potty. So I go ask the guard nicely if we can go in and use the potty. These passports office guards are very serious and they do not smile at all. Passport office security is actually quite strict. When you get on the elevator there is a sign that says “no weapons allowed after this point”. When you get off there is a metal detector. So it was naive of me to think he’d let me go to the bathroom. And of course he did not. But he pointed me to a public restroom down the street. Since it was closing at four I had to weigh the options, risk having my sleepy boy pee on me or no trip to mexico. Since we really want to go to Mexico I asked Leo to hold it and luckily he did. Phew!

Then we got Leo and Lucy’s passports and Leo was so excited he would not put his down or let me carry it.

On the way back we boogied to the satellite radio. Leo loves dance/pop music. When “Sexy Bitch” came on the radio he perked right up and said “oh, that’s the song I like!” You can listen here to see what refined tastes my son has. Today he didn’t ask me to turn it up but usually he asks me to make it louder when the dance music is on.

Here is some passport photo fun before we gave up and headed to CVS.

From kids passport

I was so tired by the time the kids went to bed tonight I can’t remember a day when I was wishing for bedtime more than today. Tomorrow we are up at 4 again to try again!

Merry Christmas!

It’s a bird …

No … it’s a …

What could make the kids so curious and excited?

It’s a robot!

A Dirt Dog iRobot to be precise. This was a gift for a parents but it was also a big hit with the kids.

Here is a video of the kids watching the robot. This video is nice b/c you can see how Leo loves to copy Lucy.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful christmas. We loved all the presents!

Here is our Christmas album.

Carnivorous Bedtime

Leo usually needs a toy to go to sleep with. At first, it was a toy fire truck that he got for his first whole day without peeing in his pants. It has a little button that makes fire engine noises and he used to say “can I make a noise?” or “can I make three noises?”.

Then he lost interest in the truck, and the necessary item was a three foot long cobra snake toy that you could bend. The bending was not a good feature for Leo though, he used to say “Can you make it straight? You need to make it straight!”. No matter how we tried to convince him that snakes were really bendy in real life (he even has a snake poster above his bed) the cobra had to be as straight as we could make it.

For a couple of days he had to go to bed with his “princess costume,” which consisted of this hat:

combined with a crocodile hand puppet and sheep hand puppet.

Now he has a new thing. He has four plastic carnivores and three food animals. All of the animals have to be arranged on his pillow just so. By just so, I mean that the carnivores (two tigers and two lions) have to each be taking a bite out of one of the food animals (a zebra, an okapi, and a lemur). If one tiger moves out of contact with his dinner, Leo gets really upset, and says “No, he’s not getting enough to eat!” It is pretty cute but actually it can take upwards of five minutes to perfectly arrange one of these tableaux. I’m not quite sure whether we are encouraging an interest in zoology or just developing his natural boyish bloody-mindedness.

I do eat fast

Well I’m a bit behind in blogging so first off let’s all clap for a big Lucy achievement … standing up! That’s right Lucy can stand up for a few seconds before falling on her bum.

Lucy is also gaining new interests. For example she really loves the bathroom. If she ever gets away from my sight the first place for me to check is a bathroom (we have two of them). I quite often find her there sticking her hands into the toilet.

Now if I go ahead and put the seat down things don’t really get any better because then she will climb up the toilet and try to it’s very tallest point which is not a safe place for a little baby to be.

Which brings me Lucy’s second interest. She loves to climb. She climbs onto toilets, tables, chairs … . But her favorite place to climb is onto this child sized rocking chair where she leans back and rocks. It doesn’t seem very safe but I can’t keep her away. Here she is with Becca trying to protect her.

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving so let’s head on back to Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving was lots of fun. Dan and Becca and Alex came by. We all ate turkey and pie. Here is Lucy eating pie.

And Leo making whipped cream.

Leo and Alex went on a Safari on the stuffed elephant where they pretended to be driving. Here is a picture where they look like they have some torque.

Here is a bit tamer one

I keep thinking that Caleb is a great Daddy and influence on Leo and then I hear stories like the one Becca told me on Thanksgiving. She claims it went like this:

Alex is eating a candy. Leo says “wow, you’re a fat ass.” Alex says, “yeah I do eat fast”.

Did Leo really say that? I think Alex was right and he must have said “wow you eat fast”.

I am pretty sure that “fat ass” came from Caleb. But not all of Leo’s good manners have been learned from his Daddy. The other day Leo told me: “I say ‘excuse me’. Daddy says ‘pardon me’. Mommy says ‘outta my way'”.

Leo is growing up so fast. We got his first report card from school. Of course, they said he was a genius who gets along well with other kids. And Caleb also thinks Leo is a genius. Caleb picks Leo up and reports back to me about how all of the other little kids art projects were not as good as Leo’s.

The kids are so dammed cute I gotta add a few more pix of them.

more from this series …

And some from our trip to Tilden park with Yvette:

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