We’re not that bad

We may have gone to McDonalds for breakfast and have gotten Leo a hashbrown. We may also have gone out to eat in the afternoon and gotten a brownie to share with Leo. But when Leo gets the words confused and says “this is my hash brownie” it’s just not true.

Fall fun

Let’s start by playing a guessing game. What’s this?

If guessed that is it a big big alligator mouth that looks like a chair than you are right. At least, according to Leo that is.

The end of October is a fun and busy time because along with Halloween comes Leo and Daddy’s birthday. The week of Leo’s birthday looked like: Sunday: Halloween Party. Monday: Leo’s birthday, Thursday: Daddy’s birthday: Friday: School Halloween party, Saturday: Halloween, Sunday: Leo’s Birthday Party. By Sunday I was thinking that maybe we shouldn’t have had a party, but it was pretty fun and worth it.

But here are some tales and pictures of the week. Here are the birthday boys.

Maria made Leo a birthday crown. Then teased her about Caleb’s birthday so he got one too.

Here is the family on Halloween.

I was psyched that Leo wanted to be a Lion when we were at Old Navy looking at costumes. I dont know if he will love being a Lion or not in the coming years. I hear from his teacher that all week long at school he was saying that we was gonna be a tinkerbell. When I asked if one of the girls at his school was also gonna be a tinkerbell he got really mad at me and said “No, only boys are tinkerbells.”

But now after Halloween he keeps talking about how he is a Lion and then roaring at me.

Here is Leo the Lion what he described to me as “the bush’s costume”.

Here is Daddy and his little tiger. Oh my god, they look exactly alike.

And now on to Leo’s party. For his party he dressed up as Elton John.

Ok that was not deliberate but the glasses and neclace were party favors. The kids had lots of fun. Even Lucy. Here is Lucy bullying her little friend Clara.

A couple days later I was feeling bad that Lucy had never worn this cute jumper that we got for her baby shower. So here she is all dressed up and no where to go. Still quite cute though.