The princess and the pea

I hear from friends that when girls go to school about 50% of them turn into girly girls who love princesses and pink. If this weekend is any indication, Lucy may turn into such a girl.

For her first 5 or 6 months Lucy slept like charm and I think was sleeping through the night at 6 or 8 weeks. Then when we got back form vacation in July she started waking up once in the night. Then twice. Then it seemed like all night long. Finally, Saturday night this came to a head when we couldnt even put her down in her crib without her screaming like crazy. She spent the whole night in our arms.

Caleb thought it was no wonder, her crib was an unfriendly place. Just like all good parents we had set the crib up to have a cold hard slab of a mattress in order to prevent SIDs. The idea is that anything comfy like a blanket, pillow or sleeping on your tummy is evil. So Caleb decided we should go out and buy Lucy a comfy mattress. So now Lucy has a baby-pedic mattress and is sleeping soundly like a little princess. Only one wake-up per night.

I want more snails!

We decided to order french food for dinner and Caleb ordered escargot as an apetizer. I, personally, think that is a little too gross for me to eat but Leo and Dad enjoyed eating their snails. Leo so much so that after they were gone started screaming for more snails. We got a tearful: “More snails. I want more snails.”

Not unlike most working parents, we are looking forward to the week because the weekend has tired us out.

Da da da da

Lucy pulled herself up to look at Daddy’s math book and what did she say? “Da da da da da da …” We think we are recognizing Mamas and Dadas in the babble.

But while you are thinking, yeah right, about the talking. Check that out, Lucy is standing. And here she is doing it again.

And here she is crawling:

And sitting:

All this stuff happened so quickly. About 3 weeks ago she was still doing the frog sit and the belly scoot and the whoosh she could crawl, she could sit, she could stand when holding onto the couch. She could even eat like a line backer. Caleb tells me that while I slept in this morning Lucy had eggs, cheerios, tangelo, mango and toast for breakfast. We weren’t prepared for all this development. So last weekend we weren’t looking too closely when she climbed up the stairs like so:

And then fell off. That is why this other picture of her sitting shows her with a black eye.

That was Monday. Thankfully our new nanny was starting the next day. Tuesday morning I was again sleeping in and heard a crash and then a crying baby. I went to see what had happened and Lucy had tried to pull herself to stand on the stroller which instead she pulled down on her face. So when Maria showed up Lucy had a black eye and a fat lip. So far, Maria does not seem to have reported us.

In other news Leo is doing great at school. And while in the first week he was crying when we left by the end of this week he was not. One day his teacher asked him why he was crying and he said “because I need 5 hugs from my daddy.” But by this Friday all was good. When Caleb dropped Leo off it went like this:
Caleb: “Leo, I have to go.”
Leo: “So go.”
Caleb: “Don’t you want 5 hugs?”
Leo: “I just got five hugs another day.”

Ok, one more cute pic of Lucy and goodnight!

Labor Day Weekend

I am able to get a free moment to write in the blog. Lucy is playing with Leo’s garbage truck and Leo is eating chocolate ice cream. So I am free until the ice cream is done.

It is labor day and everyone is back to school tomorrow. Or as Leo says, “me and Daddy are going to go to school. Mommy is going to work. Lisa is going to Yoga. And Lucy is going to the hospital.”

Up until the part about Mommy, he is pretty much right. Leo often associates Lucy with the hospital because that is where we got her. But not to worry we are not sending her back. She will be at home as usual.

To prepare Leo for school, we had to give him a haircut. Look at how much happier he is after his haircut.

Before After

This time Daddy got to do the haircut. I think he did a pretty good job.

We’ve done a couple things to celebrate the long weekend. Saturday morning I made pancakes for the family. We were pouring the syrup on Leo’s pancakes and a huge film of green mold came out. I didn’t even know that syrup had mold. Turns our you are supposed to refrigerate syrup after you open it. So we scraped off the mold and kept eating. No one is sick yet.

Saturday afternoon we went to the park in Palo Alto. Caleb doesn’t think we have enough pictures of him and Lucy so here they are together in the park.

And then Sunday we were looking for something fun to do. So Caleb suggested that we look up on yelp the best ice cream store in Silicon Valley and then go make a trek there to get ice cream. Turns out that the best ice cream in Silicon Valley was exactly next to that same park that you saw the picture of Caleb and Lucy in. We’re not sure it was really the best but it was still a fun trip. (Rick’s ice cream).

Lucy has something to sayhjakriue;qgtuq4t4 g

Blogging is an adventure stealing the computer from Lucy. First she climbs over my legs. Then I move the computer to the other side.

Now back to ice cream. When we got back to the minivan after eating our ice cream the back door was wide open. With our fancy minivan the way you close the door is you pull on the handle a little bit. But that makes you lazy. So much so that even pulling on the handle can feel like a chore. And like other chores sometimes you just forget to do it. Luckily nothing was stolen. Which was to be expected because we were in Palo Alto. In Palo Alto it is so sunny safe you dont even need to close your car doors.

Now back to photography. Leo is getting better at photography. Look at these pictures of Mom and Dad that Leo took.

Actually, these next two are more typical. Or typical for a stellar attempt from Leo. Most his pictures still look like a blur of floor.

Now back to how I feel when I’m hanging out with the kids. Lucy always needs a hug. And if I’m hugging Lucy, Leo needs to climb on me. Sigh. And I’m still pretty happy ‘cuz they are nice kids.