Big day for Lucy

Just last night Caleb and I were musing that Lucy may never crawl b/c her military scoot was so great. Then today she started crawling.

She also started sitting up without us putting her in that position.

My little girl is growing up.

What’d ya do today?

Leo hasn’t quite figured out the salient things to say when asked: “what did you do today?” I hear from Lisa that today Leo looked at firetrucks and played with Sasha and Jessica in the morning and Alejandro in the afternoon.

But conversations with Leo go like this:
me: “Leo, what’d ya do today?”
Leo: “Just laughed”

Caleb: “Hey Leo, what’d you do today?”
Leo: “I shouted and woke Lucy up when she was on the boob.”

Family Visits

We had a big huge trip with my whole family to New Hampshire where we all rented a house and basically just had a good time. This was way back at the end of July. The baby girls got to meet and hopefully Vanessa got to bully Lucy for the last time. Lucy is three month younger than her cousin (or I think technically cousin once removed). So now Vanessa is much more mature. She was eating and crawling when we were in NH and Lucy was not. In fact, Vanessa thought it was really fun to crawl over and bite Lucy on the head.

This was a fun trip. We got to meet little baby Vanessa for the first time.

Leo mini golfed for the first time:

Lucy was photogenic as ever:

And Leo knows how to say “cheese” when it is time for a picture but has not quite turned that into a smile.

and there are so many more pictures and maybe I’ll even get more of a story in someday. Here are a few more pics.

I also didn’t want to neglect our wonderful visit from Great Grandma Alberta and Auntie Crystal last weekend. Here are the three lovely Wright girls showing off their good looks in our back yard:

And here are the kids with Great Grandma:


So we are doing this same baby led weaning technique that you may remember Caleb writing about with Leo. You know, make the babies eat steak before they eat applesauce.

So tonight’s steak eating story is that Leo was eating his steak for dinner. He was eating it up pretty good but then one piece he decided just to suck on and then put back on his plate. Lucy woke up from her nap and we had not prepared her a dinner so Caleb handed her the gross piece of sucked on steak. Then Lucy sucked on it for a while and chewed it to pieces. When she was done chewing it up there was still a piece left that she had not swallowed so Leo decided to go ahead and eat it. Mmmmm … Twice chewed steak.