Leo is making me look bad

My co-worker, Anjali, recommended a contractor to help us with our yard. Now that our yard is done she stopped by one day after work last week to see. Caleb had made some fresh squeezed orange juice so I offered some to Anjali. Here is how her conversation with Leo goes.

Leo: Does that have alcohol in it?
Anjali: No.
Leo: Do you like alcohol?
Anjali: No.
Leo: But my mommy like alcohol.

Baby Vacation

When Leo was born I was practically the only mama I knew. Now the babies are just popping out of the woodwork. In February alone 3 good friends also had babies. We’ve just met the final one today, Ella, Caitlin’s little baby.

And here is Leo rolling on Ella’s floor.

Moms always want to compare babies. Caitlin wanted to know how long Lucy was. The problem with a second child is that it is harder to pay attention to these details. It was hard enough for us to remember to go to her check up. We missed it once. Well anyway, Lucy is long, longer than Leo was at this age, over the 100th percentile, but it is hard to translate that into actual inches.

In other developmental news, Lucy has learned to shriek. When she is happy she can keep on shrieking for up to 45 minutes. The doctor asked Caleb if she had started cooing yet. To which, the only response was, “she’s stared shrieking.” Which is true for our girl. All screams and no coos.

While we were visiting Caitlin and Ella Leo was playing with some toys on the rug. He looked up and said, “I’m done.” Done playing with toys? No. “I’m done pooping,” Leo explained. Leo had been doing so well on the potting training this trip with Leo often asking to go to the bathroom but I guess this poop was to keep us on our toes. Lucy is also done with pooping it seems. Her last BM was not in recent memory, somewhere on the order of days to a week. We are driving home now so hopefully she will save her present until we get home.

I think I’ve forgotten to mention that we are on a 4th of July vacation to southern California. Yesterday we were out at Grandpa Ken’s for a BBQ and the fireworks. All of Caleb’s siblings were there. Here is Auntie Crystal with the two Lucys.

Crystal believes that we named our baby after her dog, which we did not. But we think her dog has a pretty good name. This is Crystal’s boyfriend, Paul. He and Leo make the same funny face at the camera when you ask them to smile. We are hoping that Leo will learn a normal smile before he reaches Paul’s age.

Here is the next baby we saw. This is Sofia, Becki’s baby. She is already one. Becki said her cousin has three kids, the ages of Leo, Sofia and Lucy. That sounds hard.

Here are pictures of everybody else.

Both of my kids were transfixed by the Fullerton fireworks. Leo woke up this morning saying he was looking for the fireworks.

Leo has also been learning about geography. So we were talking about being in orange county and in Fullerton. Along with geography, Leo is learning about guilt tripping. Here is what he said this morning to Caleb: “I live in Mountain View. Daddy lives in Mountain view just like me. Mommy lives at work.” Even if I did leve at work I would still live in Mountain View. So there.

Now rewind a day. On our way out to Ken’s we stopped at Anne and Jeff’s to meet baby Ethan. We actually did not do so good at documenting the trip. We kept leaving the camera in the car for much of it. But thank goodness for my gphone. Here is the proud mama’s photo taken with phone technology.

Rewind one more day and we are setting out on the road. We have our mini-van all pimped out with a DVD player to entertain Leo and Lisa came along to help with the baby so we braved the drive. We also decided only to go to LA and stop first at Mike and Kristina’s. The drive was not so bad until we were heading down the 101 into downtown where we hit traffic and our baby needed to eat. After a bunch of crying I had to take her out of her car seat and feed her on the breast. Anyway, nobody died. And thankfully we got her back into her car seat before Caleb got pulled over for running a stop sign. In this modern era I’m not sure what they would have done to me.

Then we had lovely night with Kristina, Mike, Willow and Adhithi where we only took pictures with Kristina’s camera so maybe we can post ’em later.

Here is our full album.