Last I looked …

… that baby was on her back!

From Lucy Roll Over

Wow! Our little Lucy is so strong. Yesterday it keep seeming like she was going to roll over, so I’d yell, “Quick, Quick, Caleb come here!” but then he’d get there can she’d roll back to her back. Finally, yesterday, Lucy got to this position. Caleb thought it did not count b/c her arm wasn’t all the way under but I think it was pretty good.

From Lucy Roll Over

I’m so proud of Lucy. Leo keeps rolling over and asking me “are you proud, mommy?” I have to tell him no. But there are still things he does that makes a mother beam with pride. Look at his castle.

From Lucy Roll Over

He makes these a lot. Sometimes they are called Ferry boats and sometimes Intrepids and sometimes castles.

The whole family is a little sick and I keep reading the symptoms of swine flu. Fatigue. Running nose. All the other flu symptoms. Oh no. Can you catch the swine flu from eating pork? CDC say no. What about from pickle juice?

From Lucy Roll Over

Smiles :-)

There is no denying that Lucy is smiling up a storm these days.

Wait that’s not Lucy! But Lucy’s smiles make us all smile.

The funny things he says: Nuts digest #2

We’ll we’ve been back for a few weeks but why not finish up my post on New York. When told by the voice of Leo it is pretty funny. We told Leo that he used to be a baby boy like Ramon. And he walked around saying, “I used to be Ramon”. Leo also told us that “Manhattan has a lot of busses”. And when Leo falls down kisses still are the best cure. So when we were at the park and Leo fell on his butt Cherith thought it was pretty funny when Leo asked me to kiss his butt.

It turns out that a much more exciting place than the Natural History museum for a two year old boy in New York is the Intrepid museum.

The intrepid is an old aircraft carrier and it has a bunch of airplanes up to still.

Caleb got to go to the symphony and leave mom at the apartment with two kids. Katie came over and got to watch Leo tear up two magazines and cover the apartment floor with them and did not go to sleep. Daddy got home to the crazy mess and felt real guilty that he had left mom all alone, but really Leo was pretty easy.

We ate really good. Leo got to try rugalagh (a delicious pastry). He was pretty sad when I bought some arugula at home and it turned out to be lettuce and not pastry. “I don’t want
aaaaa-rugula”. Here he is with his NY bagel face.

On our last day we drove out to Brooklyn and discovered that our old neighborhood had a target and a shopping center. And here is Lucy on Sharon’s couch.

On the plane ride home Leo got “real frustrated” with the captain for making him wear his seatbelt. He sang “hush little baby” at the top of his lungs. Hush little baby has some unique lyrics when sung by Leo. “And if that toilet don’t flush …” Lyrics like this lead us to realize that there is a big poo poo that needs changing.

And now we’ve been home a few weeks and the cute sayings continue. The other night Leo ran over to me with my gphone open shouting “yay, I did it! Look it’s my blog post”.

And of course when Caleb and I were trying to get Leo to take his hand out of his pants he responded with: “I’m just so into nuts”.

Rest of NY album.