Big baby, bigger baby

We’ll we are not sure he is actually bigger, but Ramon is pretty darn big, and two weeks younger than Lucy to boot. I couldn’t get Lucy to put her arm around him.

We are here in the big city visiting with Cherith and Ray and Ramon.

Lucy loves New York. You can tell because she is starting to smile. I almost caught it on camera today. The smiles get even bigger than this.

So far our trip is making it clear as to how hard it would be to have twins. When I’m at home I feel frustrated b/c every time I get a break to do something about 1 hr into I have to feed or entertain Lucy. But here if Lucy is calm, Ramon is crying and vice versa. But today we had a fun trip to the museum of Natural history.

Thankfully Caleb and Leo got sick of waiting for us and took the subway over beforehand. Or as Leo said, “I wanna see the subway. Let’s hit it!” By the time mommys and babies moseyed on down it was 2 hours later. So after five minutes in the museum Leo was ready to “hit it” again.

We went for some NY pizza but by the time we sat down with our pizza the babies weren’t having it so Cherith and I went off to feed them in the car while Daddy and Leo ate pizza.

Maybe Caleb will fill us in on the story of Leo’s subway ride

or that hot chocolate that was too hot.

So far we are having lots of fun and still have a couple more days of fun to go!

Big baby, little baby

We went to visit Yvette and Beatrix today. Lucy is twice Beatrix’s age (6 weeks vs. 3) and almost twice her size too. Look!

From Lucy and Beatrix

Lucy is also quite vain these days. The best way to calm her down is to put her on her tummy in front of her mirror.

So polite

Leo has taken to asking before he does stuff. Here is an example conversation we had today.

Leo: Can I touch my nuts?
Me: No Leo, only in the bath.
Leo: Can I take a bath?
Lisa: We’ll take a bath after lunch.
Leo: Can we eat lunch?

She wake up

Lucy is now a month old and after sleeping through her first month of life she is now starting to open her eyes and see the world a little. Or in the words of Leo, “she wake up”.

For mom there is so much to say about this month and since I haven’t said anything, I can’t really figure out where to begin. But for Lucy, there was so much to sleep through this month. She slept through visits from both sets of grandparents.

And Leo learning to play Frisbee. If you ask Leo what this Frisbee says on it he’ll say “mommy’s Google”. I think Grandpa Mike taught him that.

From Lucy's first weeks

She slept through excited neighbors giving lots of hugs.

At times she was so quiet it was easy to forget her. I’d be surprised when I turned around and saw a baby right by me. Here she is right upon coming home looking like such a little doll with Caleb.

While she was sleeping her mommy’s first visible set of gray hairs were busy coming in. They were even quieter than Lucy how they just snuck up on me.

But now Lucy is awake.

This is a good week to be awake b/c we have house guests. Leo’s old nanny and family are visiting from Mexico.

I was secretly hoping that Leo would remember some of his Spanish, but after 7 months I guess is too long at his age. Leo speaks English like I speak Spanish. He can get his meaning across but his sentence structure is just a little bit off: “I want to NOT go to bed” and perhaps cutest is he has created a word “thinger” to describe things that he cant remember the word for. The “cutter thinger” is the knife and the “shotter thinger” is the toy syringe. I’ve gotten a lot of fake shots since Leo saw me get a real one in the hospital. In Spanish, he has picked the ability to say “bravo muchacho” since the gang has been here.

Here is Lisa teaching our guests Yoga.

Hospital scrapbook

We are finally home. (I started this post about two weeks ago, but why not finish now?). Here are the souvenirs from our stay at the hospital, all in digital format.

The nurse thought we should save this pink piece of paper that the nursery used to identify Lucy. So we took a picture before we threw it out.

Another important addition to the virtual scrapbook is our ID bracelets:

The hospital has these to keep away the kidnappers and to keep patients from getting the wrong drugs. The nurses checked these every time they gave me medicine or they brought Lucy in from the nursery. It is a good thing too b/c we had it on authority from one nurse that Lucy was the cutest baby in the nursery. So without these frequent wrist checks I’m sure she would have been stolen.

And my personal favorite scrap, the “do it yourself, birth certificate”. I have no idea why this was in the packet of important papers but in case you decide not to order a real birth certificate you can fill out this pretend one.

The El Camino hospital has a hippo sculpture in the hallway that was perfect for entertaining Leo. Leo is quite friendly but also bossy with other kids. Caleb and I set some rules about which way to jump off so as not to hit his head if he fell and how to slide on the butt. So Leo would tell the other kids you need to climb up and slide off the butt.

And here is sweet Lucy all packed up to go home. Had to take the pic with the phone, so it is blurry. We lost the part of the car seat that holds her head in place, so that is my nightgown there keeping her head upright. She didn’t cry at all in her car seat. I’m tempted to mention that Leo screamed the whole way home from the hospital, but I’ve just read a parenting book that tells me to resist the urge to compare my children, and instead to appreciate them for their own unique characteristics. So even if Leo had not cried, I’m sure I’d appreciate Lucy’s calm on the way home.

And here she is cute as could be upon arriving home.