Lucy Olive Wright joins the list of progeny

Lucy is here. And today …

She is even cuter than yesterday …

Lucy’s birth story is shaping up to be very similar to Leo’s. Same hospital. New Doctor. But same basic procedure. Cut me open, take the baby out. Same bloody picture at the time of birth. I cropped out my bloody insides and also the scissors and knife that were lying on top of them. At business school we read a case study about how common it was for doctors to leave sponges inside of their patients after surgery. So that is maybe why today I need Vicodin but last year only needed Advil.

So anyway, now we are hanging out in the recovery room for a few days and chillin’ with little Lucy. Lucy’s big brother has been by a few times and so far he is real cute and doing great with her.

Here is trying to start her on solids:

And here he is imitating her. Leo likes to imitate people so he’ll say things like “Lisa say ‘just kidding’” and I don’t want to tell you what Leo says Daddy say. But for baby, Leo says, “Baby say” and then he purses his lips making a funny face and doesn’t say anything. Which is kinda like what the baby say when she isn’t crying.

And now to the official stuff. Lucy Olive Wright was born at 9:47 AM on Feb 9, yesterday. We decided not to go with Olive Lucy Wright because that sounded too much like a TV show name of the past. Actually, we came to the hospital without a name. I was rooting for Elizabeth and Caleb was rooting for Mary. I even had the doctor tell Caleb that Elizabeth was a better name. But when she came over to the recovery room with her round little face, Lucy just seemed like the right name. So that is who she is.

She was 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches long, making her the biggest baby in the hospital. She’s real healthy and has passed all her blood tests and even her hearing test.

We’re real happy to have a healthy baby and to have chosen to go with the c-section. We were almost seduced by the idea of natural childbirth and had even made arrangements for a VBAC. But then at the last minute I got cold feet. And good thing, because after the surgery the doc said my uterus was paper thin and she did not think it would have withstood labor. So phew.

Some more cute pix:

And here is the album.