Leo sings Beethoven

Ok so maybe this video was a bit choreographed but you watch it. Leo is a little genius with such motherly and musical instincts.

On the sadder note, I never blog anymore. I don’t feel as obliged b/c Leo is more than a year old and I am not as shocked by motherhood so I don’t find the writing outlet quite so necessary. I know this is extremely sad for all of you who want to hear so much about Leo’s development, but here is the really sad part. Last weekend I’d decided to write an entry. I had so much news and Leo had started to understand what the word baby meant. It was the first time what you just saw in the video played out. So I sat down to blog and instead deleted a month and a half worth of pictures. This included Uncle Sammy’s visit, our trip to San Francisco, and our Easter pictures. Oh well.

Leo continues to be insanely cute even though you see less of him. He is also very advanced for his age. You can see him tightening the tire on Keila’s bicycle in the picture below.

Leo’s love of trash has somewhat waned. This picture is misleading.

We can now walk through the park without Leo insisting on picking up and throwing away every piece of trash. This is good for us, although maybe not as good for the environment.

Leo’s love of his belly continues:

At the park when he meets someone new if he likes them he lifts up his shirt to show his belly. Last weekend we ended up in a belly show-down at Cuesta Park with a 1 ½ year old girl named Marisol. First he showed his belly. Then she showed hers. Then he pointed. Then she pointed. I was scared Leo was going to lean over and zurbert her. (Last week I found out that zurberts in some parts of the country are known as rasberries). I love zurberts because they are the thing that finally freed me from breastfeeding. Now Leo wakes up in the morning and likes to make farting noises on my belly rather than needing some mommy’s milk. Phew.

And the final thing to brag about in the past couple months of development is that Leo seems to be bilingual (or at least only speaks Spanish). If we say to Leo “Donde estan tus ojos?” he will dig his finger into his eyeball. What a genius!

The full photo album (about 1.5 months ago)