The tree is so wide and my boy is so small

And so this is Christmas number 2. I don’t have any stress like last year. Just ready to have a good time. We got our tree on Friday and today Caleb started cooking his Christmas Cassoulet. He cooked all day long today. Yesterday he planned all day long. So it better be delicious. I’m a little nervous as our guests report certain eating desires among which are 1) Chinese food only, 2) No meat, and 3) A strong preference for mexican food. Not only does our cassoulet have five kinds of meat, it has multiple kinds of meat fat as well. But anyway, despite the desires of our guests, we are looking for a nice Christmas dinner tradition. I’m OK with turkey but Caleb thinks turkey is too boring. It could end up that our tradition is Caleb cooking for many days food that no one wants to eat.

This next picture is of a condition Leo has that we have recently learned is called “papitis” — extreme affection for the daddy. Although Leo doesn’t seem to have it, Caleb is demonstrating a case of “johannitis”.

Leo also is becoming quite a collector. Here he is collecting little twigs with berries. Leo also likes to collect crayons but he gets very upset and starts crying every time he notices that they do not all fit in one hand.

Here are some very cute pictures of the baby in the crib.