Joy, Nana, Papa, you got your biggest wish: another blogpost! Yay.

Here are Daddy and Leo playing Daddy’s favorite game, Michelangelo.

And here is the video that we have promised and I know you have been waiting for: Mommy and Daddy making Leo walk.

And just for humor an old fashioned video from Great Grandma’s birthday party courtesy of Auntie Crystal.

It’s been a crazy week. First Leo started walking. Then he decided to go to the hospital for an asthma attack. Then he wasn’t so keen on walking for a couple days, but now he seems to be back at it. And so while I was just writing about how much I love Wally’s World, it looks like we may need to pull him out, because his asthma is induced by colds, which babies in day care have constantly. Today was really sad because we took him to Jose Luis’s party at Wally’s World and it was so fun for him and now he wont have all his little friends. We are hoping for a miracle nanny to appear on Monday. More on that Tuesday.

I’m feeling a little better because I looked up asthma statistics and 1.3 in 100,000 children die of asthma. This is *way* less than SIDS which we are already not even a little scared of. So now that I have Googled asthma statistics, I’m feeling much better.

Asthma caused Caleb and I to clean the house. We are wondering if we will become the kind of people that always have a clean house. My mom tells me that asthma has a long history in the family but I’m pretty darned sure that clean houses do not.

Oh and here is an “in action” photo of Leo, Dan, and Alex last weekend, B.W. (Before walking).


Today I experienced a guilty daycare pleasure. When I left Leo in the morning he cried! Actually, I didn’t feel any pleasure at all. Leo never cries when I leave. In fact, he barely even notices. I’m the kind of mom that dawdles in the morning. Some parents are in an out. They drop the babies and run. I usually just hang with him for a while and watch him play on the floor. But even though we are their playing together he just doesn’t notice when I leave. Some friends say, don’t I kind of wish he would cry when I left? Honestly, I don’t. I like that he loves his day care.

Even thought Leo seemed to love me extra today, Caleb got to experience every parent’s day care fear. (It was quite a day for us). Leo cried and reached for Gaudy (who runs the room) when Caleb picked him up. Caleb found this embarrassing. Again, I don’t feel too bad. I want Leo to love his days.

I was thinking after the anniversary post that that may be my last blog post ever. Leo is getting older. I no longer feel the need to record his every poop. But I just can’t stop writing. And hopefully, you can’t stop reading. We had a very exciting developmental evening. Stay tuned for the video that is coming in a couple days when I not too lazy to upload. It’s gonna be awesome.