Anniversary Post

It was a year ago that I wrote that post about Leo popping out of my belly. On Friday he turned 1 year old.

Yesterday we did a video conference with my parents from one mac to another. Caleb says “aren’t you glad we live in the future”. Today we had a little party to celebrate. Before the party Leo decided to puke like crazy. Caleb got covered in Leo’s regurgitated tamale. But basically Leo seemed happy to have his friends come over.

We’ve had a busy past couple of weeks. First we went to LA for Great Grandma Alberta’s birthday. The plane was delayed and we spent a few hours in the San Jose Airport.

Then we partied. Leo played his favorite game of climbing in and out of the cooler. At home he climbs in an out of his toy box. All in all we had a good time. See the full album.

Then at home Leo had his first McDonald’s hamburger.

And now we are back to today, Leo’s birthday party.