Hip hop a babe ohhh

Leo is so hip hop:

Leo is also getting good at climbing:

My parents keep asking, “can he walk yet?”. No, he cannot walk yet. But he can pick *my* nose now. I think back in January I wrote about how much I liked to pick Leo’s nose. But now that he is picking my nose I think it is time to stop. We are entering the beginning of discipline phase. The only real bad thing Leo does is bite. I read in a parenting book when the kid bites you you should not bite him back. So what is a parent to do? You also can’t laugh. What you need to do is say “No” sternly and not mix this message with laughing or biting-back at the same time. Wish us luck!

Boogie Nights

Leo loves to dance.

Usually Leo does a little white man’s overbite when his toys play a little jingle. Sometimes when he has some really good food he dances in high chair. More eggs! Boogie, boogie, boogie. More chicken, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

In other news, Becki is pregnant with the Lochness monster. Becki always wanted to have a baby so she probably doesn’t care that she got an mythical beast instead of a human.


And daddy has started to like to dress the baby for the sake of making the baby cute. Tonight he told me that Leo looks really good in a jacket and he wanted to show me. Who cares if Leo is crying?

We bought the jacket because Wally’s World told us Leo was cold and needed warm clothes. So Caleb went out and bought some clothes. Usually the folks at Wally’s World tell us if they need something, like more formula or Tylenol for his earache. Insecure parent that I am, I’m always scared they will tell me something like, “Leo needs a bath”. But we bathed Leo two days ago for the first time in recent memory so I’m not too scared anymore.

More cute pix.

Sicky baby

Leo is so freakin’ cute using a tape measure, in a box, or eating an orange. I had to make an album because it was too hard to select the best pix.

Over the last two weeks Leo had all sorts of firsts in the land of a sick baby. He got his first baby ear infection. (Mommy got her first call from the day care asking her to leave work and pick him up). Then he got his first amoxicillin rash. Then he threw up his breakfast for the first time. Then after all of this he started to wake up 4-5 times a night. Dr. Spock told us that it was because he loved the attention from when he was sick. But then this weekend I noticed another tooth. Thank god! He wasn’t manipulating us after all and with the help of tylenol Leo can sleep once again.

Busy Baby

Leo is a busy baby is what they tell us at day care. We are very proud of Leo’s busy-ness. I think if we had another baby (Caleb and I affectionately call this baby twobie. Why do we call our second child “twobie”? It’s a private breastfeeding joke. When Leo has been eating we used to say he was ready for “boobie number twobie” but now twobie has taken on a life of it’s own with us) and it were a sloth we’d be very proud that we have a calm baby.



So we’ve been asked to blog about our new home. The first point to mention is that we moved in. Woot! (That is geek speak for “yay!”. Technically you are supposed to spell this with two “0”s, e.g. w00t, but I am not yet geeky enough for that.) And now we have been unpacking but much more slowly than I would have anticipated. We are still not done. Last weekend we spent almost exclusively on unpacking our books. Somehow we have run out of shelf space. In the old house I thought we had shelves for all our books. But in the new house we have three full boxes and no empty shelves. Here is my dilemma with books. We read a lot of books. So we buy and sell and goodwill a lot. But there is a set of books that we have that I don’t think I’ll ever read but just can’t bear to sell. For example, a few years back I visited the Johnson library and then my brother brought me three 1,000 page books on Lyndon Johnson. These books seem really interesting, but it is pretty unlikely I’ll ever open them. Over the years, you get more and more books like this: high quality books that you are a little too dumb or lacking in curiosity to pick up. On the other hand I read lots of bestsellers that there is really no reason to keep and that I wouldn’t read again. So I have an inclination to throw them out or sell them to the used bookstore. But if I sell all the bestsellers when people come over and look at my bookshelves they will think all my books are decorative and I bought them for show. So I feel obliged to keep a certain percentage of low quality books on the shelves to keep up my image.

But anyway, here are some pix, although not of the bookshelves.

Caleb’s dad came to help us move.

This is the living room. Also known as the “great room” which seems to be California speak for a big room.

You can see the lovely wood floors. I was very impressed with them and so I asked our broker what kind of wood they were. To which she responded, “uh, I think they are laminate”. So now that she told me it seems totally obvious that we have lovely linoleum floors.

Here are Caleb and Leo in Leo’s bedroom.

And here is the wall.

I just do not know what to do about this wall. We have a monstrously big living room painted in this horrible yellow ochre in a sponged on style. It just has to go. But I don’t what color to replace it with. This is a big challenge. At work I will soon be sitting next to two graphic designers so maybe they can give me some advice.

And here is Leo being extra cu-ute!