Thumbs up!

This is cuuuuute.

Thumbs up

I need to make an album of these cute popsicle pix. Anyway it has been AGES since we blogged or *I* blogged for that matter. Here is my excuse. I think I am just getting more comfortable with Leo and the whole situation. So it feels like life (in a good way), not like a shock every moment. I have some pictures that I don’t want to forget and I’m sure you want to see from the past month so we’ll go in reverse chronological order.

My baby has SKILZ

Leo just seems to get some things. Our yard is gnarly with lots of cement and crunchy organic tree detritus. When we let Leo outside without pants he knows that that terrible stuff hurts and he crawls in this funny way with his knees off the ground.


Ok, no story here. This picture is just too cute not to make the blog.


Now our biggest news since our last blog post is that we have become homeowners. Amazing. We may even move this weekend. If you don’t know, neither Caleb nor I have ever owned a house or apartment, so we’re feeling awesome. Here is the story. We decided we needed a vacation. One with no internet and only Mommy, Daddy and Baby hanging together. But then we saw a house for sale the weekend before our vacation that was not only wonderful, but possibly in our price range. So off we went on vacation.

Here is Leo and his cars on vacation. Leo loves his cars. At the expense of sounding sexist, what did boys do before there were cars?



Ok back to the story, our broker told us we needed to bid on Wednesday. And since our vacation was a bit wimpy, a trip to a hotel 45 minutes away, we drove back and, bam, bought a house. Then drove back for more car playing. This time with our computers. Caleb spent the rest of the vacation negotiating mortgage rates while many mortgage brokers simultaneously went of business, but everything worked out magically in our favor and we and our friend wamu now own a home.

Next topic is Leo’s extreme love for Daddy. We have been at day care for 2 weeks. Usually Caleb and I walk there together to drop the baby off. (As an aside, Wally’s World is so wonderful. I wish I were a baby and could spend my days there.) Leo typically has an anxiety attack when we are about to leave and he starts clinging to Daddy and crying. Today I brought him without Daddy and he didn’t cry when I left. I know who he loves. Here is Leo sleeping on Daddy.


And finally, I want to illicit some sympathy. This is what view looks like at 6:00AM. Imagine this with some loud baby bah bah bah babble. If only he could sleep ‘til 6:15 …