You gotta crawl before you tell everyone you crawl

First he was standing. Now he is crawling. It is totally official now. About two months ago when Leo was scooting, and I thought right about to crawl, I bragged to my co-worker that Leo was crawling. To which he responded that my kid *might* be crawling, but it was more likely that *I* had already reached the stage of exaggerating my kid’s feats. Well, David, he’s crawling now. And only two months later. That’s not too much exaggeration.

Anyway, I tried to take a video of him crawling to his toys but he wanted to crawl to Daddy’s computer instead. Typical.

Since Leo is clearly such a big boy this week we decided to give him some peas. Sadly, no cute pictures. We found some cans of food in the mother’s room at work with “take me I’m free sign”. So in keeping with everything else Leo has being a hand-me-down, so was his first solid food. He stuck out his tongue a little but basically no problem with the peas. Since I never talk about the mother’s room anymore, the news on this front is that there seem to be some new mothers at work, always stealing my room. One day I had to wait to go home just so I could get the breast pump out of the room.

It was a big weekend for mommy and daddy as well as Leo. Today we for a run together as a family with our baby jogger Q series. It’s taken Leo a while to get used to the baby jogger, but he’s starting to like it. But for those of you who know us, the remarkable piece of news is that Caleb came jogging too! Caleb used to joke in LA that the only people I was friends with were those that would go running with me. Now I get to be friends with my husband.

Finally I went to the Palo Alto MF rummage sale. I don’t know what MF stands for. PAMF is the acronym. Well I know what MF usually stands for. What the hell am I writing? Well the M is for mother’s. Palo Alto Mother’s Father’s Association. Palo Alto Association of Mother’s and Fathers. Palo Alto seems like a modern enough town to allow fathers into their association. Now we just need one of those “a’s” to be lower case and the acronym will be perfect. Paloalto Association of Mothers and Fathers. This sale is a big event and I was lucky enough to be having coffee with a friend next door and everyone had baby stuff at the coffee show. At 11:20, someone told us that the sale was free at 11:30, which was really exciting until I realized she meant the admissions price and not the items. But I got a bunch toys for less that $10. I also got quite angry at a lady who tried to sell me a a cloth baby book for $3. I really wanted the book, but $3 for a used baby book! Come on. Caleb tells me that this is a common psychological problem that people get angry at the price of used items and $3 wasn’t too much for the book. But I just didn’t like her price tags. Who prints a price tag for a rummage sale? Only someone trying to rip you off, that’s who.

What a week!

When this first picture was taken on Sunday we were thinking it’s about time we lower the playpen. Leo was almost ready to climb out. Sunday morning Leo was crawling onto his bumper in his crib and trying to reach the top. With some help from me he could put his hands on the top and kneel.

Then by Monday morning he was hanging onto the top of the crib himself and kneeling. And now he can stand on his own without help! These pictures were taken earlier in the week when I would help him up in the play pen. But a couple of times in the morning we’ve seen him right up there standing in his crib!

Here is Leo’s favorite toy. I see toy cell phones and toy keys but no toy power cords.

Our neighborhood

Google maps added this cool feature where you can make your own maps. Caleb and I have been feeling pretty fond of our Mountain View neighborhood. No longer pining over Fort Greene. In fact, Caleb likes our hood so much that he is convinced that it may be the only cool place in the valley. I think that is crazy talk. How can there only be one cool neighborhood in a place as big as Silicon Valley? Caleb’s argument is that he grew up in Orange County and there was only one cool place in that exurb, so it must be the same here.

Anyway here is our map of stuff we like. It’s not totally precise. But it was fun to make.

I didn’t put Starbucks on the map. But that is another place I secretly confess to liking in the hood. We have only two Starbucks in walking distance unless you include the one in the grocery store then we have three. So yesterday Caleb, Leo and I were at Starbucks so I could get a grande lowfat decaf latte or when Caleb tried to order for me, a “grade decaf whachamacallit”. (Did you know that Starbucks doesn’t have lowfat milk? They just put a little skim and a little whole in the drink and call it lowfat). Anyway, sometimes I feel a little extra aware of my baby squawking in when I am in a store or restaurant. But yesterday, the lady in front of us at starbucks had a squawking parrot on her shoulder and bird poop all down her back which I consider to be far more unpleasant for the folks around her than a squawking baby.

Here we are blogging:

And Leo standing:

Mommy baby-sitting

On Wednesday Caleb had to go to the dentist and so mommy had to come baby-sit. It has really only been two months since I was a full time mommy, but I kept feeling like I was letting Leo do things his daddy wouldn’t.

Play with the door … might his fingers get squished?

Eat Daddy’s whale sounds record:

Turns out Daddy thinks playing with the door is ok, but eating his record isn’t.

Leaky boob digest #1

It finally happened. The breasts leaked at work. Rather than the splotchy shirt strategy I outlined earlier, I’ve been going for the all black all the time strategy, which I think is nice way to disguise a wet shirt. Caleb thought I should change my shirt anyway, even though it was black, but the only shirt I had was the one I’d been planning to exercise in which turned out to be somewhat threadbare. So hole in the left boob or wet splotch on the left boob seemed to be my choice. Fortunately I share an office with someone who holds a key to the Google schwag closet, so when I was asking advice on the lesser of two evils, she recommended I go get myself a new Google shirt. So it all worked out quite nicely, and I even seemed to have some extra team spirit.

Now that was about a week ago but you hear about it today because I never blog anymore. I have some excuses about being too busy, but really it’s just that Leo has gone boring on us.

That’s not true at all. Many of the topics near and dear to my blogging heart still have juicy bits being added to their stories. For example, we haven’t had a poop digest in a while. But between this and my last blogpost I had to cut Leo out of a onesie full of poop because I was too scared to pull it over his head. I’m not sure if the squirmy baby near open scissors or poop all over the face is more dangerous, but the former had the chance of working out ok, so that’s what I went for.

Leo has also continued to be extraordinarily advanced for his short number of months alive. Here he is almost standing. I did not pose him in this position. He got there all on his own.

While much is still the same, who thinks who is the less responsible parent is changing. For example, I never have cause to write about Caleb leaving Leo near an open razor knife anymore. But I did get in trouble for letting Leo chew on the many year old disgusting cardboard box from our friend’s garage. Caleb concedes that it is a cute picture.

Earlier this week, Leo was reaching up to the mobile above his crib. Then because he is so strong, he reached up and pulled the mobile off its attachment and onto his face. Responsible parenting along with Leo’s extreme advance behavior may in fact have to lead us to this mysterious “child-proofing” someday soon.

Anyway, although Caleb may think I let Leo chew on my shoes a little too often, we both think it is ok for the boy to sleep on his belly. We are so over SIDS.