My baby is stronger than your baby …

Last night we watched Leo turn over, not one, but three times from his tummy to his back. Again this morning when I tried to put him on his tummy he rolled right over. We’d put him on his belly, then he’d inch his little arms up, lift up his head and then fall on his side and lie there drooling for a minute until he finally fell on his back. Now I have don’t have pictures of him on his back, but I’m not making it up.



And since we’re comparing babies, we went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and got the latest measurements – 90th percentile length, 50th percentile weight, 25th percentile head circumference. So I guess our baby is stronger then yours, but his head is smaller. Another way in which he takes after his mom, I also have a puny little head.

Many exciting things for Leo since the last update. He has almost outgrown his basket, so who knows where we will put him when moving about the house. He has outgrown his first clothes (and stained many others). He has also outgrown swaddling — for real this time — and likes to sleep with his hands up over his head. Given his superior strength and thick neck we see a career in wrestling ahead for him.


For thanksgiving Leo also had his first two visits to other people’s house. On both trips he was super well behaved. Thursday we went to the Belotti’s house, a former professor of my Dads. No pics. And then on Friday for Thanksgiving number two we went to Dan and Becca’s where he went for his first wagon ride.


Not only is Leo growing as a baby but I am also as a mommy. My grooming instinct has set in. I’m often inspired to pick Leo’s nose or dry skin off his head and face. If I were a monkey, I’d be plucking flies out of his hair and eating them.

3 weeks old — and finally clean!

Leo is three weeks old. I’ve finally made a couple photo albums — one from the hospital and one from the next two weeks at home. We have also finally bathed the child so he is no longer filthy!

We had a lot to say in the first week. Not only were we amazed that we were parents but Leo slept all the time so we had a lot of time to write. My parents came to visit and couldn’t believe how much our baby slept. They suggested that Leo call them Nana and Papa just like Matthew does. Caleb suggested that instead of Nana we call my mom Banana. This would be appropriate since her mom wanted to be called Bigbear.


Then at about two weeks Leo started to grow up. First, his poop no longer seemed to fit in the diaper. How could one little boy who could barely move get so much poop all over everything? I couldn’t tell if the diaper was too small or too big. They seemed to be falling down, but the baby wasn’t shrinking. (Thank you Haus for the huge box of bigger diapers)! Second, when it was time for bed Leo would start crying and crying. Caleb and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, was he afraid of the dark? Caleb suggested we sing to him. “On top of spaghetti” and “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” seemed to calm him a little but our sleepy baby had turned into a baby that was only sleepy in the daytime. Then, a couple of nights ago, Caleb and I figured out what was wrong. We had stopped swaddling him. Now we are swaddling him again and he is sleeping again. Whew!

The final big boy change is it seems like Leo could see a little. It was always clear that he could hear, because he would jump when Caleb would grind the coffee or with other banging sounds around the house. But sometime in the second week Caleb was sure the baby was looking at him. I’m not sure I believe him, but we have the picture to prove it.


18 days old

sleep, feed the baby, sleep, feed the baby, sleep, feed the baby, sleep … caleb aplogizes that he is leaving me with a crying baby … what? the baby is crying? … back to sleep, feed the baby, sleep, feed the baby, go to mcdonalds, sleep, feed the baby …

I’m feeling sleepy.

7 Days Old

Baby Leo is now one week old. In the four days since he has been home he has managed to pee on all of his newborn baby shirts and that is why he is naked beneath his swaddling.

His poop has turned from black to green to yellow, right on schedule. He has had some “tummy time” and can lift up his little head but he hasn’t managed to turn over yet.

Copy of IMGP0935.JPG

Caleb and I have taken to calling ourselves mommy and daddy. I’m not sure I feel like a mommy yet, but it does seem strange that this blog is called “caleb and johanna” because now it is missing someone. We looked up the leowright url and it seems like some other stupid baby got to it first. All these things you don’t think of when you are naming the baby. We’ve taken a ton of pictures, but I think Leo is much cuter in person. Finally, this morning Caleb has managed to do some homework once again.