Baby shower!

Finally, something worth talking about. Usually life just goes on and there is nothing to say but then last weekend Katie, Adhithi, and Yvette threw us a lovely baby shower.

We tricked everyone by inviting them to a “garden party” which sounded better than “pile of scratchy weeds party”. YuShen told us that many kids were looking to have themed birthday parties and we could use our yard for a barnyard theme. We wouldn’t even need to import any hay. Any takers? Actually, we hired a gardener who spent three days removing many of our weeds so the yard actually was much cleaner than usual. The line of baby blue garbage bags that everyone had to walk past matched the “it’s a boy!” theme perfectly.


It wouldn’t be a baby shower without cake or games. Adhithi and Katie had a memorable message inscribed on our cake:
We played a game about who knows Caleb and Johanna best. There were a few questions about me that I’m stumped by: What is Johanna’s favorite ice cream flavor? I have to pick? What does Johanna need to have in the morning before she starts work? This must mean coffee. But alas, my little baby has taken away my need for coffee. I think the answer is sleep. Soon the baby will take away my sleep and I hope I wont need it anymore. At the end of this game it turns out that Erik Haus and Caleb’s dad tied for knowing us the best. It seems that no one took a picture of Ken during our whole party, but look at how happy Haus is that he knows us so well.
We also played madlibs and our little baby boy ended up named Jacob and having a vagina. Neither of which will truely happen. Although Caleb make take me to the hospital in a vespa.

I guess it wouldn’t be a party with Caleb and Johanna if Caleb didn’t get a little crazy and start mouthing off. Here we are opening our presents. I think I’m somewhere between laughing and and crying at this point. Can you believe that that is going to be the father of my child? With parents like this, where is the little baby going to learn some manners?

pres2.JPG pres1.JPG
Joking aside, Caleb and I had a ton of fun. It was so nice to have everybody there. Grandma, Caleb’s Dad, and Adhithi came up from LA and Katie came in from NY. We are much more physcially prepared because of all the presents, but I’m feeling a bit more ready emotionally now too. It really seems like a baby might show up one of these days.

Some picture of the festivities:

IMGP0820.JPG a&y.jpg Sitting on ground.JPG c&j shower019.jpg k&a.jpg c&j shower037.jpg c&j shower015.jpg IMGP0798.jpg
More pictures in a photoalbum. We didn’t get pictures of everyone who came.

It’s coming soon

The little baby is transverse, which means it is lying on its side and he’s been this way for a couple weeks now. So we head to acupuncture on Monday to try to make it turn around. After the midwife told us we should go to acupuncture I looked in up in my “thinking woman’s guide to a better birth” and it said that this kind of acupuncture, moxibustion, can lead to labor! Does this mean we might have a baby in two days?

Walk in the woods with sis

Well what can you post on a blog but some pictures? Cheryl and my mom came to visit about a month ago and we’re so bad at taking picutres that we only have pictures from a walk that we took in the San Antonio park with Cheryl. No pictures of mom. :-( You can tell that Cheryl’s camera is way better than Calebs.