Me too

Blogs are strange b/c my post is going to show up here first, but really you should start at the bottom with Caleb’s introduction. But here is everything he forgot. We’re having a baby. It’s a boy. The docs (or more accurately midwives) predict it’ll come on Halloween. So hopefully his mommy and daddy wont be mean and give him a holiday name like Casper or Jack-o-lantern. Oh, and I disagree with Caleb. Of course we’ll spam you with random baby news that you don’t care about.

The Baby

Johanna recently got her second ultrasound and the baby now looks kind of like a person, here is his face:


And now you know what the baby looks like! It’s freaky to me that I can see the little baby ribs.

Blog Inaugural Post

Hello everyone! We started this blog so that we wouldn’t have to spam you, and you will only see the baby pictures and such if you are really interested. We are self-aware and postmodern and realize that other people’s babies can be dull. So if you are here, it must mean that you want to see baby pictures and read about various news items pertaining to the baby, so enjoy! You should be able to subscribe to the RSS feed, let us know if there are any problems in that area, and also comments are fun so feel free to make some just so long as they aren’t about eating or selling the baby, because we have explored those options and decided against them.